The 10 most beautiful women golfers of all time

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From 1 Step to Better Golf See the top 10 most lovely female golfers ever to walk the fairways. Natalie Gulbis, Veronica Fe…


1 Step to Better Golf says:
1 Step to Better Golf says:
Investrite1 says:

What about Nancy Lopez :-)

Jofishgolf says:

Where’s Blair o’neal holly sonders and Paula creamer

brett anderson says:

where is Holly Sonders???

John Ford says:


David Little says:

What?? Paula Creamer should be no. one!!

JCRocksteady says:

Weird selection and order to be honest! Gulbis is 10th out of that lot??
Missing the likes of Sonders and Creamer as others have said, as well as
Anna Rawson and Melissa Reid!

09ingloriousbastards says:

Annika Sorenstam shouldn’t be on this list for real!

TheTemest says:

The LPGA used to have a tour stop in KC. One year they played it on the
course that I lived on. Jan Stephenson and Laura Baugh were paired together
for the first round (wonder why) and I will say that Baugh was the most
petite and gorgeous woman I had ever seen. Stunning in person.

Mi Lud says:

Veronica Felibert’s the only really good looking one out of the whole

jimmy ellis says:

damn fuckin good selection

Wayne Page says:

Was just curious if Jan would be there for the older viewers.No1 You didn’t
let me down. Well done.

Hsunglung Liu says:

Put Paula Creamer as no.1.

Paul Wilson says:

the girl at no.10 should be no. 1

ubb4me says:

Holly sonders is not a golfer. Paula creamer is way prettier than natalie,
who I personally do not think is pretty.

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