TaylorMade Rocket Bladez Tour TaylorMade MC irons

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therobbieunited says:

Quit cheeky aren’t they ,good to know,cheers

Adam Huckeby says:

Mark Great video as usual. I have a request for video. RFE vs 913 d3. Same size head generally and if possible in the same shaft. As the RFE is .5 inches longer. Tons of talk on forums about RFE being HOTTER than all the new drivers. From your videos I dont really think thats true. If i had your consistent swing I’d test my self on track man. Hope you can do a video like you did for 913 vs 910. Very much appreciate the help. best ,

Kenneth Stroupe says:

Gave the Tours a try, they are a solid iron but not my preference of looks and feels. A little bit to chunky and “hard” feeling, still in love with my MP-68s don’t see myself changing for a long time.

luckigolfer says:

It’s hard to beat Mizzuno irons

TelePenguin says:

No forge = no sale.

tdelaify says:

I had the MC’s all last year, they are certainly a nice set of irons but they are noticeably heavier which I didn’t like. I bought the RBladez Tour this year and so far I am liking these much better, they actually feel softer than the MC’s

tdelaify says:

lol, that’s just silly, I bet you wouldn’t know the difference.

tdelaify says:

I disagree angrily and angrily only because they didn’t make the MP-64’s left handed! I prefer the RBladez Tour’s over the other Mizzie brands that are available in left handed, the MP-59’s came close but surprisingly and unfortunately they didn’t feel what I expected. I’ll never be a loyal Mizuno guy until they start offering more left-handed clubs 🙁 🙁

tdelaify says:

Not even close, the standard RocketBladez are jacked up like most other GI irons as you would expect. The TOUR are not jacked .

GolfTube72 says:

I’m guessing you play Taylormade clubs. Where did you hear this from?

ieatcrete111 says:

I really enjoyed the MC forged when I hit them a while back. unlike most taylormades I found that their lofts are fairly uh… normal, which is something that I really look for. I eventually went for the Nike VR pro combo because they felt a bit softer and the bladed, thinner short and mid irons are amazing for control around the green.

PaddanL1 says:

6-iron Rocketbladez: 26.5 loft, 37.625 inches long.
6-iron Rocketbladez Tour: 29.5 loft, 37.25 inches long.
Are you saying that the standard Rocketbladez are not jacked?

tdelaify says:

Are you serious?… ALL of specs are available on their web site, compare them the Tour with the Standard ones… lol.

You can also get Maltby data on them in the coming weeks, you can also compare lofts with other GI such as Titleist AP1’s or Ping G series etc.

*shakes head in awe*

P.S – Yes, I play TaylorMade though I don’t know how that stands pertinent to the discussion.

TelePenguin says:

Been playing 35 years at 7 handicap or better. I know the difference. The closest any cast club has ever come to feeling like forged is the Ping S56.

tdelaify says:


oooolalo says:

35 yrs…HAHAHA!!

tdelaify says:

Hahaha, I know. I was speechless hence my “LOL”. Glad I wasn’t the only one who got a kick out of that.

Those PGA players have played for less than that and even they don’t give a damn about cast or forged irons anymore, hilarious how someone on YouTube who has been playing for longer thinks there is a real difference, LOL.

Nick Hickman says:

I’m severely tempted to switch my Mizuno MP52’s for these Rocketbladez Tour soon.

matt211295mg says:

Love my mcs wouldnt change

tdelaify says:

Former U.S. Golf Association Technical Director Frank Thomas says there is no longer any real difference between forged and cast irons provided. Cast irons are now capable of providing the same feel and quality as forged irons. Forged irons incorporate many of the same game improvement designs as cast clubs. But the primary choices you face when choosing between the two are the same as they have always been — how the irons feel and how much you’re willing to spend.

your “35 years” = nothing.

Jerry Errigo says:

Don’t know why but i liked my MC’s better than tours…. But could just be a unintentional biased view, but my mc’s are back ups to 64’s now:)

tdelaify says:

I’d be interested to see a comparison with the MP-59’s and the RBladez Tour

james eadie says:

please calm your dress sense down, I know you get freebies… but be cool . . dork gear is and should be avoided . .

unnervingfalcon says:

What people should know is that the Rocketballz irons go further because each iron is 2.5 degrees flatter or less loft. This was tested at my local golf club maker. Don’t believe the rest of the bull Taylormade is saying.

gbvoul says:

Bunker attire < potato sack

Irene Schiller says:

From other comments, if there is 2.5 degrees less loft and you say the Golf Guru says they go the same distance then the face must be less active than the MCs? Are there any club robot test comparisons of the two?

raffazbsc says:

Hi mark can you compare the mp64 and titleist cb thanks

Edward Palermo says:

Great vid… Just god Rocketbladez Tour… hate the name but look instills confidence

Jackie Bee says:

I found out the KBS Tour S version is slightly stiffer than the s300 and has a higher launch angle. I actually compared the s300 shaft on my 7iron cci forged s300 to the 7i Rocketblazes KBS and notice that the steps go further down the shaft on the KBS. Not sure if that means a lower kick higher ball flight?

HD GUNZz says:

Im gettng the roketbladez cavity backs your vidios have really helped me on improving my golf thaks Mark

Jim Campbell says:

you hit the first one with the rocketbladez fat? divot way behind the ball

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