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This is the GOLF SWING SECRET to hitting more greens and making more birdies. By making this one golf swing adjustment you are going to have laser-like accuracy with your golf shots into greens. When your golf swing is deadly accurate, you hit more greens in regulation – and that means MORE BIRDIES for your golf game. Doesn’t that sound like fun? What are you waiting for – apply this simple golf tip to your golf swing and start making more birdies! #GolfSwing #Golf #BIRDIES Access Tom’s ULTIMATE Golf Swing Training Program and Instructional Library – Join the Crispy [More]
This is the first golf instructional video on the Classic Swing from My Swing Evolution, as well as the Black Belt Scoring System Video. I go over the hallmarks of the Classic Swing and drills to help you achieve a great Classic Swing. Then, the Scoring System will give you an order of priorities to drop your score fast!
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The Swingyde is a simple but highly effective product which you can quickly and easily attach to any club and is used to guide you through a perfect swing. It is especially useful in teaching and developing your backswing.
Do you ever find your handicap isn’t going down, no matter how much you practice? You might think you just need more practice, but this isn’t true. The research on motor learning shows that practice, by itself, does not lead to elite performance, because if we practice bad habits, they can become harder and harder to break. So what does help? Clearly, quality coaching is important, but the other thing that research says is crucial for learning is feedback. Pros all over the world are using technologies like Trackman and SAM PuttLab to get feedback on their swing for problems [More]
Rob Houlding discussing thoughts on lower body motion in the golf swing
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