Swing EASIER to Hit FARTHER – A Great Golf Ball Striking Tip You Need to Know

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Making an easy, effortless golf swing that hits the golf ball high and far down the middle is one of the best feelings in golf. The pros make their golf swings look so easy, and they hit the ball so far. How do they do that? Yes, you can have a golf swing that hits the ball really far – and feel like it doesn’t take any work to hit it. This golf tip is one of the best ball striking tips that you can do for your game. It will get you hitting the golf ball easy and effortless, far, down the middle, shot-after-shot. No matter what your age or skill level is, this golf tip will work for all golfers who want to enjoy hitting the ball really solid, consistently, with no effort.

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I am Tom Saguto, PGA Member and founder of SagutoGolf. Thank you for visiting my instructional page where you can find how to get on the fast track to improving your golfing abilities. Whether you are a seasoned golfing veteran looking for a quick swing tune-up after an on-course emergency, or a beginner just looking to get the most out of your golfing experience, I am here to help you achieve your golfing goals.

My mission as your swing doctor is simple, to help you maximize your enjoyment in game of golf. Because, let’s face it, golf is a hard game.

My philosophy is wholly based on the student having a fun, meaningful experience in a frustrating and complicated game where potential lifelong golfers either quit because it is too difficult or that they experience some form of swing-related pain or discomfort. I mitigate these problems by focusing entirely on the student’s needs and goals while teaching a golf swing method that ultimately takes stress off of the common pain areas of the swing.

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Jason Ricco says:

Tom will you be at the merchandise show in orlando next month?

Karen Payne says:

Hey Saguto, need to study one thing only, look up all meanings to the word…..Pendulum, Penjelem. I just learned why I swing like I do. Let's see a video on the Pendulum. Your viewer Karen Hurricane Payne.

Karen Payne says:

England swings like a pendulum due?

David Richard says:

Ok Tom, thanks for the video, but all of you teachers forget to tell us one important thing that i just discovered. I practice turning in the backswing while keeping my head centered with a light over my head to give me my shadow to help me see what is happening. I discovered that the key to keeping your head from moving, I had to realize that it doesn't stay still, it moves, rather it twists over the shoulder at the same pace as if you were trying to turn your head to look at the target. The downswing is the opposite, and is twisting to now look at the ball, after following the shoulder during the weight shift, and then stays until the trail shoulder passes under the chin and collects the head. Hopefully, you are then looking at and facing the target. Please talk about this little hidden missing link to the swing.

Goldie says:


Jason says:

Such a soothing tone in this episode. I feel relaxed and ready to absorb your golf knowledge. Its like Bob Ross or Mr. Roger's tone. Very zen. Even the guys in white are settled down a bit.

Steve Napier says:

I'm still trying to take my new swing from the range to the course lol

Juan Velazquez says:

Your swing reminds me of the stack and tilt swing…

Perry Thomas says:

Thank you Tom! As always I enjoyed this video and your insights in making golf fun! Happy Holidays! Keep that Les Paul rocking too!

Jimmy Sandlin says:

When you bend your left knee on the backswing are you still continuing putting weight on your lead side?

Jesse Gill says:

Your production has improved immensely. I love that you use a ball tracker now so we can see your ball flight, the beautiful slight draw. Keep up the great work.

Timothy Connolly says:

All pros that haven't had a knee injury let the trailing knee straighten. It's strange if you learned differently, but it makes an amazing difference.

Donnie Corrigan says:

Great video Tom.

Brian Hughes says:

Great instruction thank you. Question – does this work the same with driver when different set up deployed to hit up on the ball?

Nels Anderson says:

Thank you. You have gotten me back to my old golf swing with one small change. Thank you.

Timothy Gallagher says:

Great stuff!

Mike Williams says:

Hi Tom, love the videos and love the way you approach each topic.

mrgreenisthestuff says:

Something that really helps me when I’m in a funk in the middle of a round, I stick my arms straight out at shoulder height with my feet shoulder width apart then tilt slightly down as if I were lining up to the ball. Then I rotate my upper body pretending to hit the ball, with my left arm in front of me first and following through with my right arm while keeping my knees, hips and shoulders all aligned. This REALLY helps me.

Daniel S says:

Hi Tom, It's winter up here.
Does practicing this swing off of mats effect compression? If so is there any product that we can get to allow us to place it over the mat and get a more true compressed hit. Im currently using the practice bays at the PGA superstore.

Andrew Breen says:

Great video – simple instruction

Garry Wilcox says:

I joined the saguto golf online school over a year ago I rarely boke 100 right away I improved and before the season ended I was braking 90 last summer I shot 77 and 79 with most of my rounds in the low 80's golf is so much fun! I'm 59 years old I hit the ball better now then ever please join this school you will improve

RC says:

I dont think weight shifting back and then forward is bad. I do think most people don't know how to shift their weight forward though, and get stuck back there. it makes sense to just keep weight centered n then forward, much easier for an amateur.

Paul Azzar says:

Totally agree but the left knee is a bigger key: it has to bend as the the right leg straightens, with loose hips to make a good turn.

mike rozon says:

is this what is considered stack and tilt method?

109robin says:

I'm 75 and athletic for my age, but not nearly as flexible as you. Today I hit many sand wedge shots (from fairway grass on range) and found with your method:

I hit shorter by about 10-20%, and straighter, I think

Making ground contact in same place every time.

Trajectory about the same.

Using a lot of torso muscle compared with traditional swing. Absolutely not effortless.

Much shorter backswing because of keeping front arm straight.

It feels very difficult to backswing very far while keeping weight over front foot..

Dedeng Sujana says:

This is critical point for basic swing,thank you,that true…regards from Indonesia.

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