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Jake Moura says:

Hmm interesting 

3rdgroove says:

I think a good technique in general would help your back (no hip thrusting, good spine tilt, club on plane). Also go for a jog twice a week. Any low stress movement is good for the disks.

NC2871926 says:

Are you getting these iPads, iPhones, tablets etc for free? The way you sling them around…

Sebastian Evensen says:

Is tha app a new one? or is it a update? since you keep saying “my new app” in your videos 🙂

mmaker1337 says:

Tiger Woods apparently using a version of this stack and tilt because its better for his body.

Jerry Lawrence says:

Hi Mark, thanks for answering my question. I Will try and seek out an S&T coach to see what they say. Thanks for the advice and the time you use to bring us your videos. #toppro.

Marvin Adhitama says:

Hi Mark, thanks for the videos. You helped me to break 90. 🙂
Quick question. How to do the “proper” follow through? Also, could you please make a tutorial on bunker shot? Here’s my swing and my bunker shot: ~ I’d be more than happy if you can give a comment or two.

mistermiggs100 says:

Hi Mark, I had a lower spinal rebuild called an instrumented fusion (pins, screws and grafting. My surgeon advised extra work on core stability if I was to play golf again. Lots of work with a physio and gym instructor later, I’m playing with my normal swing with no pain. My advice, know your limits and daily core exercises.

hertsman10 says:

Hi Jerry for what its worth I turned to stack and tilt in feb 2011 as sn 18 handicap and now play of 8. My initial readon for choosing that swing pattern was due to sciatic issues with my back, I used to be in agony after a round, now I fell no pain at all. Plus as a bonus as Mark eluded to the quality of my strike is now very pure and consistent.

Thesavage925 says:

Stack and Tilt is the only way I can play pain free golf. I’ve had several back issues myself. Not to mention my ball striking has imporved and scores have gone down a bit. Im sold.

leonscottkennedyre4 says:

you can drop an iphone off a roof onto concrete with just a screen protector and nothing will happen

saintcruzin says:

The problem often found on higher handicap players is….the reverse pivot. When I see friends trying it, starting with the weight forward, they often end up with their weight back. Tricky move but the weight must always move toward the target.

Charlie Zhu says:

hey mark just a quick question. so you always advocate people to get custom fit, and the big manufacturers and fitters always say that even high handicappers will benefit from a custom fitting. i play off a 30 h/c, should i be more concerned with hitting the ball out the middle more often before getting custom fit clubs for my game? thanks for the help

Frederic Bellier says:

I am very sorry mark but you made a lot of incorrect comments about s&t. Sadly many people do not understand s&t well. I would really encourage people to buy the 2.0 dvd from the s&t folks if you can. Interestingly, I also use to have lower back issues when playing golf and the s&t has allowed me to play without ever having any lower back pain. Mainly because on top of the back swing I am now actually straight. Not enough space in the comments here to explain, but it can really help.

Lefty69 says:

Look at the video from the innovator of S&T Mike Bennett

search for Stack and Tilt Golf Swing

Mark Aindow says:

Hi could I do a vid on some putting tips thanks keep up the good work

Parker Case says:

Hi mark, I’m Parker I am 14 years of age I have been watching the videos for a few months. Iim currently looking at some new clubs as Christmas is around the corner and was just wondering if u could make a video suggesting some value price irons. I have had my eye on the Adams idea tech v3 or taylor made burner 1.0s. I have to keep in mind that I am around a 300$ price range if u could please make a video response to my question it would be greatly appreciated. Also great work on the videos, Pa

Kevin Barth says:

I worked on and used a stack and tilt swing this whole summer season. In the end I went back to traditional swing, BUT I took ALOT out of the S&T swing. There are so many good thoughts and concepts I can take away from it though. More shoulder turn, getting to my left side on the down swing, these are all things I didn’t do well before I started S&T, and now something I have taken away from it.

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