Some of the best backyard putting greens

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some of the best backyard putting greens around. for more information go to


MetallicAman4lyf says:

Wow thats unreal that has inspried me i am gonna try and do that no lmaooo

darrenterritt1 says:

the green at 0:25 is amazing.Its a whole golf hole!I wish i had that out my backyard!

rorymcilroyfan5000 says:

acidently deleted your comment i think sorry, um the song is glasgow kiss by john petrucci

ca1d099 says:

@ 4:50 i got so jealous

ali h says:

i was jealous for every single one.

TheLefty925 says:

I have a green in my dads yard. Can only get the grass down to 1/2 an inch cause i dont have a reel mower. Not paying $5,000.00 for one lol.

Mariska Hargitay says:

at 2:41 the green is beautiful, but obviously it doesnt help htese guys cause the hole cant be any longer then like 50 yards and noone of them are anywhere near the hole:P

TheMaster640 says:

1:36 i wish that was my garden

Corncrops says:

What is this? No dislikes? *Troll Face*

julian moore says:


Alexander Booth says:

there’s always one cunt who has to dislkie something as good as this


lol at 4:16

finbarr Carrig says:

can ye not see that this is just a green near the club house on some pictures!!! slow people these days!!! :O

Dimitri Rascalov says:

LOL!!!…..totally agree!

ballenfu says:

Never thought I would here Glasgow Kiss on a video about golf. Petrucci and Golf 4 life.

AEY0U says:

when i win in the no good gofers pinball its that music

viola0shredder says:

amen to that. scratch golf while playing john’s ball family reserve 7 string!

Joey Snuff says:

is this all australian backyards?

Aaron Simonds says:

“are these”

brendan Ladd says:

1:50 and 4:05 are the same house! hahahah

rorymcilroyfan5000 says:

Oops hahah, you’re not wrong!

Rayne Clowd says:

My greens should be on here, check them out!

Robert Currie says:

1:03 and 2:44 are good ones

Matthew Marciniak says:

Thanks for this! I’m doing a bit of research because I’m planning to have a putting green installed in my backyard. Right now, I’m using stuff from the Anne Stone store to practice, but I’m sure a putting green would improve my game a lot more.

Mixer8900 says:

Awesome! Two of my most favourite things combined: golf and Petrucci’s music 🙂

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