Soccer Drills – The #1 Reason You’re Not Getting Better At Soccer

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Soccer Drills – The #1 Reason Your Not Getting Better At Soccer – Get a FREE eBook, soccer training videos, and weekly soccer tips – Click Here – …


Chelsea Champions says:

My fucking left foot -_-

kingof206 says:

This is excellent advice and it’s very true.. All the guys on my team would
we like “how is he so much better than us”.. They didn’t know I would use
my free time every day practicing all my skills.. 

Bananakorv says:

practising ahooting is better with 2 players 

Rebaz Skills says:

Great video as always love ur video Dylan u are one of the best coach on
the world keep it up please

Rebaz S 

Dody van den bos says:

how can you improve shooting under pressure from a defender

Noe Nevarez says:

Thanks this had helped me a lot

Gabriel Antunes says:

Great video! Brazil here!!

Mustafa Khan says:

Lol nice

alice lee says:

hey Dylan, can you help me or make a video about how to get rid of cramps?

Nils Nordlund says:

Amazing video Dylan! I’ll try this on the games today! Thanks from Sweden 

Jennifer Ibarra says:

Can you make a video on how to get faster please

Charlie Wellington says:

Your videos are so helpful. Thank You

Reza habibi says:

I trained on my own for some days now mabey 1 week, and i can feel my left
foot geeting stronger for every shoot ;)

Ca Skillers says:

i practice 4-12 hrs a day, on average by myself, no one wants to hang out
with me to play soccer, (looser much eh?), don’t over practice is a good
tip, got a few injuries because i over exercised.

ProgressiveSoccer says:
Rom clater says:

Great advice!! thank you Dylan!!

Alex Salgado says:

Great video Dylan, can u make a video on how to improve my agility?

Alexander Serpen says:

How do you practice dribbling past a defender without a partner

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