Single plane golf swing demo – Similar to Moe Norman – online golf instruction

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Visit us at to begin improving your golf game now. My version of the Single plane swing made popular by the legendary Moe Norman. More…


Kirk Junge says:

The camera was positioned a bit behind the swing plane which enables you to
see a bit of the grip. A true single plane swing has the club on the same
plane at address and impact. Moe Norman also used the overlapping grip most
of his career. Thanks for your comments.

Lee N says:

I can see your club from that angle ….a true single plane as taught to me
by a Natural golf instuctor would have your right arm in line with the club
and you wouldn’t be able to see it from that angle…(right arm lower than
left)…Looks like you are striking the ball great though!! Also using a
Vardon grip as taught by Graves who also teaches right arm in line.

brofun says:

I tried this today. Hit with more power and less stress on my back and
hands. Also felt the ‘release’ more as the club came thru. Hit some balls
longer..some straighter..and felt better when I was finshed. I believe I’m
going to work with this. I’ve been golfing for ten months..went from 125
and over to around 90. Hit a 88 today! Made two greens (fringe) on two par
fours. Hit some balls wonkey..but, not bad for first day trying the mo
norman swing.

Kirk Junge says:

Sounds good brofun!! It is easier for most people. Once you get the setup
right then you just have to concentrate on getting good solid contact. I
would hit a lot of half swing shots until you get solid contact and then
make a bit more swing from there. Don’t overthink it though. The less
thinking the better.

Lee N says:

Can’t wait to see more videos! I devour everything I can on single plane
and it has helped me a lot. You have a smooth swing.

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