Simple Tennis Forehand Tips For More Power And Topspin

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Close These are simple tips to improve your forehand shot in tennis: – generate power with rotation and arm extensi…


viktor peters says:

You sound like Djokovic ๐Ÿ˜€

phantasm1004 says:

Hey idiot…..exactly what part of “SIMPLE FOREHAND TIPS” confused you????
Seriously, THINK before posting a comment!

Remy Samuels says:


Guy Trepanier says:

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Detecting History says:

I am a complete tennis newb and found this useful, thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

Alban405 says:

Very nicely explained. I really like the breakdown of shoulder, forearm and
wrist and legs. All very critical components of producing an effective
forehand. My only question would be is on the grip? In today’s modern game,
what grip would you recommend using?

27lamar says:

Thank you for these videos.

losepoundsandinches says:

Wow. Very simple, step-by-step advice. I especially like this one: “Step
two? hunnerd und feefty-tree: use? racket to geef lady pleasure? beeg-time.”

tennisace says:

that’s a massive racket you have.

Mark Pratt says:

This video bored the shit outta me. ๐Ÿ™ Besides: The video is over. Where is
your point?!

Mathias Fiedler says:

great video. playing a few matches soon. thanks!

Hitesh Puri says:

Beautiful Place … Whr z it ??

flatballrule says:

well, it’s good video but there are several things won’t work. 1) finishing
the racket over the shoulder with wiper swing. 2) close stance 3) using arm
to generate racket head speed I mean there are many people say “We should
not imitate pros” but my question is who should we imitate then? Pro use
that stroke because it “Works” 1) they use lots of wrist to generate racket
head speed 2) open stance to get more rotation 2) finish racket next to
left arm to get more spin not over the shoulder.

Jim saleh says:

what accent does he is using very strange

bsullivan161 says:

Very good video with simple explanation of how to apply spin…well done!

SB Chu G says:

simple, concise and to the point. Very well put.

Kevin Lau says:

Hey love your videos. I grew up playing tennis but even after all these
years, i need someone to help reinforce the basics when I can’t figure out
what is going wrong. Your videos help simplify what I am trying to do.

Dublin Stringer says:

Excellent points, but nearly 8 minutes and 6 moving parts isn’t exactly
simple. It needs to be simplified further. And you show, but forget to
mention one SUPER important point. Rotation happens purely by transferring
the weight from your BACK FOOT to your FRONT FOOT (feet must be at right
angle!!!) and the rest of your body stays in roughly the same conformation
until just before contact (also key). There are really only two main
movements in forehand. Rotation (legs/hips) and lift (arm/wrist)

pa dora says:

your wrist shouldn’t go up… the racquet face should be close once you
contact the ball in order to put the ball with a spin

ื“ื ื™ืืœ ื˜ืจื•ื“ื™ says:


Joel Munson says:

I haven’t really been utilizing my legs or my hips. Thanks for the tips.

FairwayJack says:

very good vid…I think I’m not using the upward movement on my shoulder
enuf…will work on that..thx

henrindreca says:

u got him there.. Can u make a video on how to hit a forehand in some
situations (volleys etc ) ? I’d be very interested … Nice court too ๐Ÿ˜€

keez says:

Cheers mate ๐Ÿ™‚ good advice!!

toby cardel says:

Oscar Wegner makes it easier almost sound like his method but it good

Doug Poirier says:

Fantastic tennis tips – thanks for making this

bigtomfrost says:

hey great video! check out my video on hitting faster forehands and let me
know what you think! keep making videos! Lets make tennis a sport for

thebigbrotherswatchi says:

where are you from …i look’s like south EU

andreeontube says:

Would you do a video on the open stance forehand?..i think many people
would find that very helpful..rgds…andy

Anthony Romero says:


Kapritchosa says:

“Your part is not to combine all three joints in your arm…and the leg…”
this guy is so correct and he has simplified the shot so well and yet
“combining your joints” is the million dollar problem. ๐Ÿ™‚

Manuel Muรฑoz says:

Wonderfull video!. Really good!. Why all the teachers dontยดt explain like
this???. Brilliant!!.

matx97 says:

this lesson looks simple but it actually improves my forehand.Thank you
very much

Tim Brennan says:

Nice way of explaining. Many people confuse rotating the forearm with the
wrist. The action you showed is the 2 bones in the forearm crossing over.
I.e. not the wrist.

Duoc Luong says:


Polyglot499 says:

2:36 you are not using your forearm, but biceps instead

Goktugerol1 says:

What a pocket, he constantly take another ball.

Feel Tennis Instruction says:

This is a drill to improve feel. It OBVIOUSLY is NOT an instruction on how
to play tennis in million situations that occur on a tennis court. I
assumed that was obvious…

Salsainglesa says:

Oh man, that’s exactly my feeling, how everything has been over
complicated. Great advice.

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