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Simple golf swing rotation drill for consistency. In this weeks My Swing Analysis PGA Professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman show you a drill to help improve your body rotation and help you swing the club on plane in the down swing.

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Seven Oranges says:

HI, I hope to make it to the UK next year and line up some lessons with you two.
I am really trying to work on my rotation in the through-swing (there are not half as many videos on the follow-through and finish) and find that if I am to get my belt buckle and chest to face the target I would have to flare out my left foot A LOT. In fact it always ends up flared and does some damage to the teeing ground. If I start with my left foot flared then it restricts the hips from turning back. Which is the lesser of the two evils? What drills can I use (or fitness stretches) to improve my through-swing flexibility and balance please?

Camore M says:

I just finished reading through these golf swing secrets “gαkαzin blogspot” (Google it) last week before you go out and putting the exercises to the test. I couldn`t believe what a difference it made in my swing after Three decades of playing golf. Following the drills, I was able to concentrate more on the minor information.

daniel sullivan says:

hi guys
love your videos
how much do online lessons cost
im from australia
thanks Dan

Jason White says:

Great video Gents!! Wish I lived closer to meet and have a few rounds of instruction.

Carl Francis says:

great stuff thanks

Arturo Pena says:

love your videos guys, i've been dropping at least 2 strokes per round in the last month. close to 80 now.thanks for all your help

robbiej1959 says:

Blah blah blah.


So helpful…

Demir Mirza says:

Hi meandmygolf im 8 handicaper before i lift up my backswing with arms now after watch your videos which is very helpful to me , i eliminate my hands movement on my backswing and really got very good contact with the ball every time but i am facing club shut club face problems at impact after this i tried everything weakend my grip but im get confused with this problem i was a high draw ball hitter before but now my ball flight is going low and left even with very good angle of coming down please help whats the problem with my swing now after maximize my shoulder turn.

kim poyzer says:

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Robert Benitez says:

Seven years already passed when I began playing and all those years were full of practices and lessons. When I obtained the golf swing techniques “mowosam press” (Google it), I managed to make a seventy-five shot after 2 buckets. Today, I am more skillful regarding grip, ball position, through swing drills, and a lot more golf ideas. My handicap is beginning to decrease as well from 13. It`s excellent guide!..

Robert Johansson says:

Crap teaching, loosing power, creating back problems.

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