Sharp Shooter Golf Challenge – With Andy Carter and Ged Walters

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Close Sharp shooting challenge with my colleugues Andy Carter and Ged Walters. www.andycartergolf…


Ryan Townsend Golf says:

Great video 

redlinejcw says:

Looks like fun!

Clay Fleming says:

Great video. Have you considered a flop shot challenge? It is a great
opportunity for shots to be either heroic or disastrous. 

Shawn Graf says:

Love ur channel…looked like fun

John White says:

A new drinking game?

Peter Finch Golf says:
oskarfahlstrom says:

Wow, Andy is a beast! Really enjoyed that.

P-M Meiners says:

I’ve got a new challange for your guys. Why not try to lob it into a
bucket. Put the bucket on the 1st floor of the driving range and flop it in
from the grass in front!!!

ZeroSumJ1 says:

Crappest! Learned a new word! 

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