School of Golf: 3 Drills to Create Lag in Golf Swing | Golf Channel

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Martin Hall and Blair O’Neal discuss three drills to create more lag in a golf swing.

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Leonard Martin says:

Can you go over that one more time. Without Blair in there. Wow!!!


Why is she so Hot… honestly I watched because if her incredible beauty

GeeTR 63-71 says:

She didn't lift her fingers off for the "6 finger drill"

whetedge says:

Good tips. Lag is something that happens with a core powered swing, not something you do. You can control how much with more/less muscle tension in the wrists.
Trying to hold the wrists hinged in order to create lag actually keys the muscles in the opposite direction of the hit.

dobb673 says:

Does Golf Channel have any girls on that don't have cartoon plastic boobs?

glasson65 says:

Martin Hall is a buffoon, she is a smoke show!

Alexander Vering says:

Sex sells…

Bill knipple says:

I wonder when the last time MH actually taught a bad golfer. It looks really easy when a scratch golfer does a drill.
He does have the easiest/best job in America tho


Fox News channel and Golf Channel ………….lolz

kathleen smith says:

WRONG — the arms need to go out in front of the chest — hands first and then you let your chest turn. This drill just encourages people who open their bodies up to early — to even do it more. AWFUL AWFUL drill. Look at Rickie Fowler or Lydia Ko — lag comes hands out in front while your head and chest is looking back.

funny stuff says:

She can do the sex finger drill on my shaft any day. ..

Ben Richards says:

2:10 "the 6 finger drill". Personally I'm using the "five knuckle shuffle" when watching Blair…

markyruss says:

Shes such a quick learner…. id love to show her how to give the perfect BJ 😉

Sean ChewPlayzRoblox says:

You should ask Sergio Garcia to teaches us how to create a lag

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