Rotation on TOUR with Instructor Spotlight Baden Schaff BE BETTER GOLF

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Jukka Kymäläinen says:

I think it's hard to see from video what they are doing. We can only see the results. I think that most good players are turning body trough impact. Clubhead momentum is turning their hands over and they are not doing it. Offcourse some players may use hands more, but in video they look very similar. So i think there are basicly two ways to do it. You can stop your body and turn your hands over with MUSCLES to release club. Second way is to turn your body trough and let the club momentun release and turn your RELAXED hands over.

Corey Browning says:

Bryson was hitting a wedge and wolf was hitting a driver. I’m sure if you getvwolfs wedge swing he would rotate more. You can’t hit the ball far with a driver with a wedge swing

Derek Gzaskow says:

besides bryson, they dont have to rotate casue their hips are already open even before impact, they have opened their hips to the target almost before they start the downswing. if one sets up with the impact position and swing u can be amazed at how far and straight one can hit it.

David Drake says:

I’m not sure how the information on rotation helps because Rory is a great golfer. Should I care that he’s not a rotator? Is the point that I’m better off trying to rotate like Bryson because I can’t re-order my body like Rory does?

Logan Phillips says:

i think he's info is from a limited perspective. Clearly, he's not looking a swing catalyst data. To produce more clubhead speed the body needs to be efficient at "braking" to allow the right side to speed up into impact and create more vertical or horizontal forces. Also, he only recommending on his page a "resistor' method backswing like ben hogan and not a "releaser" method like bubba watson or jack nicklaus, whom both are great golfer.

We need to get away from instructors who only see golf in one dimension but with the overall goal is to help golfer of all types get better, not swing golf club based on their physiology.

Adam Zapata says:

I understand the concept, but these 3 players were all junior golfers who were taught to fire their hips first. Then as they got older, the hips have to slow down for the club to catch up. Some would say that getting the hands stuck behind the body is a myth. I understand the concept, but for most weekend golfers, this wouldn’t be to great for them I think. 70 percent of the game is short game. Rotation or no rotation practice your short game.

David Drake says:

I watched a second time. So I disagree that Wolf isn’t rotating. He fires his hips around then hits the brakes just past impact to slingshot the club through,. As the upper body turns through past impact everything finishes towards the target. Call it lower body interrupted if you like but it’s still rotation.

Salo Tom says:

Excellent stuff. In all the hitting and throwing motions the arms move actively away from the body and golf is no different. Tony luczak idea of faster hands compared to the body is just so correct and would help so many golfers. Internet is full of insturctions where you should hit with your body or get speed from turning. All these lead so many golffers to wrong direction. Even if you are open at impact you still have to hit with your hands down and through. Opening and turnig just guide your swing direction.

john coscia says:

So as not keep to many thoughts slowing me down i see the golf swing in a pendulum motion but tilted . Therefore two imagined points of rotation ,hips and shoulders rotating with the timing of a pendulum motion speeding up where gravity takes hold.

Codie Miller says:

Well it makes sense but that just means I would be looking for more movement then rotation and that would mean that power comes more from movement then rotation because everyone is looking to swing like Rory and Wolff

Billy Graham says:

Here’s what I have to say about rotation;
Make a nice shift off the top and keep the shoulders closed to the ball right up to the point of contact, where at the point of contact the shoulders should be squared to the ball, and the hips open lol around 20 degrees (the hip rotation staying ahead of the shoulder rotation — rotationally speaking). Too much rotation off the top and you’re over the top.

More to the swing than this to talk about, but in discussion of “rotation” as a swing component, that is about all I have to say, as to the hips and shoulders. There is this trend to rotate like crazy, but that seems inconsistent to me. Rotation is not where the power, accuracy, and consistency is at. But a lot of people teach this. If I were a teacher I’d teach a student to use the Hogan elbow, to hinge down off the top, release nice, and straighten on the left side for a final turn through the 2 or 3 feet before and after the point of contact…. and now I am describing too much of the swing.

Andy V says:

I just think there's 2 different main swings more body rotational swing and other more body arms moving together with gradual release feel, body one seems hard to do without a coach but when I do it properly I get lower scores but when I get it wrong I get 2 way miss

Jeff Patchett says:

This is Gary Edwin methodology through & through. Watch Peter Senior or Rod Pampling. I tried it & couldn’t hit the ball out of my shadow. (My fault I’m sure). The guys referred to in this video all seem to rotate enough to clear their lead side out of the way. I found that was not the case with Gary’s method.

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