Right Shoulder Movement In The Golf Swing: Pros vs Ams

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We’ve looked at the how the left shoulder moves in elite golf swings, now we’ll look at the right shoulder movements. The shoulders need to work well together but many golfers just think “the shoulders” move as a unit… that’s not the case at all. Each shoulder has a large range of motion so it’s not a given they will move together in the best interest of our golf swing. Hopefully, this video will help shed some light on a few of the key differences we see between how pros typically move their shoulders compared to how many ams move them.

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Benson Tan says:

what an amazing video and analysis. so eye opening. thanks so much for this!! dont suppose you have a video that highlights how the ground up will tie in with getting the arms to drop first?? its meant to be lead hip turn that causes the arms to drop first? thanks!!!

guitarnut says:


Tom Pesacreta says:

The shoulders are more a product of clubface relative to path. Open face forces the player to lift up the club shaft is centered as the player flips at the ball. Closed face allows you to get the handle out in front and thus keep the left shoulder down. Meaning, if you have good face control and practice good face control with repetition, the shoulders, legs, core will begin to move correctly over time.

anthony chang says:

this is not correct!!!!

anthony chang says:

too complicated

anthony chang says:

a 2 + b 2 = c 2 just that simple

anthony chang says:

I have one equation that can take care of all the problems; set up, take off, down swing, tempo and balance. 5 major problems.

Doug Hansen says:

Awesome stuff. The wrist set is an obvious difference. But…. how should the good shoulder plane FEEL? Converging lines and graphical data points are not easily translated to the actual swing. For me, anyway.

Scott Dickinson says:

Im just curious what kind of software this is youre using to analyze, suuuuuper detailed and high frame rate.

Cr8ive Amboy77 says:

wow deep.. excellent insight.. this is revolutionary for most amateurs. even good ones

C L says:

Dumb video.. Confusing and unclear

Mike Henneke says:

I think the position of the right forearm at the top is driving a lot of differences. The pro has his right forearm nearly vertical which helps to bow his left wrist. The am has his right elbow further back creating a 'chicken-wing' position which persists through the downswing. In the video the pro has an open triangle at the top of the backswing while the amateur does not. This is a great video.

StrobeLightProductions says:

I noticed that the pros wrist at the top of his swing are hinged inwards and the am is outwards.

David Song says:

This is the malaska move, amg is putting out quality videos sheesh

SeaKing says:

So many great players hands first move on downswing is the hands moving out towards the ball or between the feet and ball, Hogan and Snead but the shaft flattens out.

David Costen says:

Please, the only significant difference that matters at all is the back of the left hand. The professional has his left hand in a position that flattens the plane and delofts the clubface. The amateur has his left hand in a position that moves the club more vertically and adds loft at impact. This stuff is so pathetically easy to change it’s ridiculous but don’t expect a PGA professional to explain that to you as it would require less than 5 minutes versus 5 lessons. PGA professionals are a waste of time and make the game seem much more difficult than it is. Ever hear Bubba Watson talk about his wife learning to play golf? He said he’d never let a PGA teacher anywhere near her because the only thing they’d accomplish is screwing her up.

TurboSVT says:

Awesome!-first time viewer

Waqar Ghulam says:

That's all fine, but how to do it?

Bert Lindner says:

When you look at 20 pro's you will see al least 10 different swings. The same goes for amateurs.

Jacob S-H says:

How much tension is in the pros arms and shoulders? I know at least for the tennis stroke there's almost no tension in the arms, hands, and shoulders when executing the kinetic chain. Is it the same here? And with that being said does the club path just kinda slot in once you have that understanding? Again, for the tennis stroke once you know to let loose and treat your shoulder and below like a whip your stroke just kinda falls in place, and then all your power comes from your leg, hip and trunk lagged rotation.

K BOOM says:

정말 좋은내용이네요

Ryan Griffin says:

Does anyone on here know anything about golf??

Tom Kirk says:

Main difference is the right forearm position at the top. In pros it is almost vertical.

23v0lv32 says:

Looks like Dustin Johnson. It’s the wrists

Duke O'Dool says:

Amateurs are such losers. They can’t do anything right. They should just quit since they aren’t pros. Pros are so cool.

Rob Kedgley says:

Hi guys hope its going well. Being a hip slider, i think it would help to see how the right glute works throughout the swing please? cant slide if it turns properly? thanks Rob

Lukas Richter says:

Is this DJ or Daniel Berger?

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