Ricky Wysocki & Paige Pierce Putting Clinic Pt 1

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Ricky Wysocki and Paige Pierce were in Emporia, Kansas to hold a Luck of the Draw Skins Match. Before the event, they spent 30 minutes talking about putting.


Jonathan B says:

Ricky has gotten so much better at articulating his points in these clinics. Props to him for really smoothing out his presentation style

Kyle Weir says:

What always shocks me is the grip Ricky takes on his daggers. They are such a large profile putter, and it goes against all logic to not really have a point of pressure against your hand, usually the pinkie and ring finger… It just seems like there should be no way he generates as much force as he does into the putt… But he does

Fabian Oloarte says:

Am I the only one expecting them really badly to to throw a Disk to that basket?

sfincione2000 says:

I have to say though, that they're not the best at explaining putting. I've seen it before when good players can do it themselves but aren't very good at explaining the mechanism. I mean, the weight shift is there so your arm motion doesn't need to change much the further you move away from the basket. That's it, end of story. It's like in basketball, the distance comes from the ground up but the form of the shot at the end is the same for all shots.

C Garcia330 says:

Paige you're awesome thank you
Ricky take a chill pill, breeeeeath man

Mark Hayward says:

Paige and Ricky look related

Benjamin Hetzel says:

Worst instructor ever. Stuttering over irrelevant details. That being said, squaring my shoulders up changed my game. Touche. Just don't drag on about simple concepts.

Dean Jr. says:

It seems to me that he is uncomfortable speaking to a crowd and that is obviously what makes listening to him feel awkward. He is a champ and a great disc golfer. Get some swagger about yourself kid and stand in front of those peeps and bring it!

anything4you05 says:

And not one disc was thrown….

lynda jones says:

that dude is wordy i just want the info lol

Derek smith says:

While I agree with them mostly and it's true that lining up straight physiologically points your upper body straight but it is not true that everyone stands like that nor is it true that will magically make you throw straight.  These younger pros (Paige surprised me, she did great) explain everything in black and white but if you watch them play they do not follow their own advice but about 75% of the time.  I am not saying they aren't good, obviously since on top card.  I'm saying that they do not understand how or what they are doing as much as people think.  Ricky says at the beginning to square shoulders with the basket.  Watch him putt.  He is NOT square with the basket.  Their knowledge definitely helps people.  On the other hand it also hurts others who this form will never work for.  There is more than one way to skin a cat and also to putt a disc.  I definitely do not like that they are saying a putt is not a throw.  Then what do you call the action of making an object fly through the air from your hand after moving your arm?  You are still throwing, just not turning the upper body at the hip axis.  Like Paige says, the object is to get the disc in the basket in as few THROWS as possible.  Watch a pro match.  They all make plastic fly a little different.  Take some tips from this and create your own style.  Do not think this is concrete.  I'll give any and everyone reading this an example that you can't argue with – Ken Climo, y'all may have heard of him (12 TIME DISC GOLF WORLD CHAMPION) , does NOT stand square to the basket and does NOT square his shoulders to it.  The shoulders and hips need to be square with one another.  The throw will go where the throwing arm shoulder is pointing PERIOD.  "No way bro, opening your hips will make it miss man."  Not exactly… Turning your hips moves the shoulder to the left or right and makes you miss.  The disc is not connected to your hips.  It's connected to your arm.  It can only go where the arm goes.

D Peters says:

Need to get Ricky doing a clinic with Dave Feldberg…get his instructional game on point.

samxyx says:

Can we have Paige teach the lesson instead?

Joe Klenk says:

So nervous he ignores Paige. Poor guy.

Matt Mcginn says:

Awesome video, wish I could have seen all 30 minutes, then I would be a pro!

bringdbeatback says:

Dont forget to eliminate the variables

Terry Pagel says:

This guy probably knows what he is talking about, but he had a a heck of a time getting his point across. Plenty of repeated proto-concepts, but linear completed thoughts would be more helpful.

Jason Vallicott says:

Thank you for taking the time to get good audio and breaking this down into three parts. Also t’s great to have Paige involved to promote the sport for the ladies. Paige & Ricky keep up the good work.

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