Rate my golf swing (25+ handicap)

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I’m trying to improve my golf swing. I have a handicap of 25+. Would appreciate feedback on my driver. Rate from 1 (worst) to 10 (best) and provide comments …


Taylormademad says:

Good swing man! For a 25 handicap id give that 8.5/10! Keep it up!

toreman81 says:

25 u sure? looks more like 10 bro very nice swing

JrscDC5 says:

decent looking swing. do you tend to fade and slice A LOT? what is the usual outcome of your drives, and irons? its more important to fix a known issue rather than to get that perfect swing. a swing is only good if it is doing exactly what you want it to.

LEDO9032 says:

you cant tell what handicap you have
nt seen the rest of his game like his putting he could be rubbish

bradx888 says:

25+ handicap ? are you sure you dont mean 52+ ??

golfshotdirectory says:

you look much better than a 25 handicap, bit over the to tho, slices , pulls etc.
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I’d give it a solid 7.

MaknasGolf says:

Nice swing for a 25 handicap!

SearchBucket2 says:

If you want to drop your handicap go spend MORE time on your short game and less in the driving range. Sorry to be boring but thats the way it is … besides good feel and pitching mechanics feed back into your long game 🙂

Ben Steele says:


Ben Steele says:

you definitely bend over a bit too much at address with club very close to you, at the top of your swing, try to push your arms away from your body to get width and more on plane

Matt Crider says:

Work on your short game/putting. There is no way your handicap should be that high with a swing like that.

Tbradley98 says:

slightly over the ball at address, but very reliable swing, must be your short game . Get that done and you will be single figures in no time

Jennifer Moring says:

I am amazed that you would put yourself out there with a 25 HC. I commend you. The swing doesnt look bad at all. One thing I would do is get with a PGA professional and don’t take tips online….just my personal opinion. I do agree that your HC shouldnt be that high with this swing as stated below..keep up the good work!

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