Quinta Do Lago South Golf Course Portugal

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Jason Waller says:

Happens to all of us. Great stuff Mark.

v3add says:

Why is the lady of the guys tee

MrTomissocoollike says:

First comment Yaaaay and great video

MrTomissocoollike says:

I am 12 I luv golf and I am off handicap 10

MrTomissocoollike says:

13 sorry

stanlikedit says:

WHAT is going with Mr Lockey’s hair!?! 

Callum Brown says:

You literally love the dream 

pidgepimpin says:

Is that Matt Lockey or Jim Carrey in dumb and dumber lol

9tube1 says:

We’ve all been there Mark. Cheers to you for keeping your cool as well as
your sense of humor.

jochen487 says:

Nice one again.
Does a pro lady get shots playing from the yellow tees?

Jerry Lawrence says:

Can I call myself a Pro as I play like Mark?

Chris Clinton says:

Loved this video

daphne WB says:

mark won 1up?

golfninja says:

Great course the ‘South’ at Quinta one of the older courses on the Algarve
(1974) had time to mature, good interesting test, played it a few times not
over long at around 6,500 yds, one of the 1st to have American style greens
& Tees, the Portugal Open been there a number of times in the past. MC
struggling on par 5 & Lockster bit of a fatted 2/3i there! while the
‘pro’s’ relaxed in the cart !!! ha :)

Dermot Dunne says:

Hey mark remember that 9

David Eaton says:

Good to see even the pros can have bad holes

Ronnie Casey says:

Hey guys check my channel golf vlogs would appreciate it, thanks

Ben Meech says:

And the measure of a pro, being able to laugh when it all goes Pete Tong.
Top stuff Mark.

Ball Striker says:

Course bit back today, ouch.

Joakim Fredriksson says:

loved this one

K.C. Hingley says:

Good to know we all get into trouble from time to time. I play off a 24 hcp
and so Mark’s 7 is sometimes sadly my norm. 

GraveHeatran says:

You should get back on the course with Kevin and James (gorilla and not

CraigyDe says:

+Mark Crossfield

Hi Mark, was interesting to see you struggle after your tee shot.

Each shot after that just got worse.

This is clearly the mental side of things in golf, is there a video you
could do with a coach who does the mental side of the game and teach us
some methods of how to react to a bad tee shot etc.?


CoastaMonsta says:

Do you migrate south during the Winter to play golf or do you keep on
playing where you live even when it’s a little bit frosty? 

Nick Usher says:

Love Mark! Thanks for making me feel so much better about my own game!

w0nd3rb0yCK says:

Mark is almost playing like me. All he needed to do was play fringe to
fringe on the green. 

Jay Smooth says:

Hey Mark. If you will refer to your vid on how to stop pulling it vid and
how to play an up hill lie then you can work on that. lol Just teasing.
Great vids. Love the Vlogs

crisisofconsciousnes says:

“caught the tree” LOL you mean hit the centre of the tree hahaha

sparko2012 says:

Lovely vpl

HeidisBrother says:

Sara-Jane playing from the men’s tees! Love it!

Ian Wallace says:

Good video, any more???

Thumper15 says:

Excellent video…got your moneys’ worth on the par 5!!!!

TheTheaterThug says:

I wish I was able to laugh at myself like mark does when I hit shitty shots

Eugene Robson says:

Looks good fun, dunno bout the golf tho Mark hahaha

westonp80 says:

mark shows why he is a “teaching pro” and not a “playing pro”

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