Putting Training Aid Review – TIBA PUTT

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TIBA PUTT Training Aid – http://bit.ly/PuttingAid Google Hangout – http://bit.ly/1viQw37 MTi Fundraiser – Invest in your Game Now and Get BETTER! Click on Li…


Evan Diede says:

Gabe, really liked the vid, its something new I haven’t seen from you since
the RBZ came out, keep doing reveiws. Could you do a what’s in the bag of
your own you haven’t done one since AZ thanks,and good luck in hawaii

Hudson Rabil says:

david pelz putting tutor is the best!!!!!

Logan Edwards says:

If you could post a video on hitting full wedge shots it be greatly

Zack Kubik says:

Hey Gabe do you have any suggestions on some new irons for me im a 10
handicap and looking for new irons. Was looking at some taylormade, mizuno,
and titleist irons. 

pmc820 says:

basically the same thing as your ruler aid trick but probably 3x the price

PathWayToThePGATour says:

hey bud its Eric, can i do a video request? i have been having a really
hard time with sight line in putting. Im fighting parllex vision which mean
when i am adressing the ball my eyes are playing tricks on me. for example
if i have a left to right putt and im aiming left edge it looks like im
aiming right thus causing me to pull it. Besides putting a line on the ball
i feel like there is a easier way thanks ~Pathwaytothepgatour

alex jablon says:

I liked the tip on how to be mentally stronger. That helped my all around
game. After watching your videos I went from a 10 handicap to a 3 handicap
in less than a year! 

Zachary Harris says:

like the video

PureSwingTV says:

Let me know what other training aids and golf tips that have helped you! #Ti

Connor Higgins says:

Might buy this gabe thanks

Luke Pelak says:

I am a 13 year old AMAZING golfer. Watch my videos and you won’t be

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