Putting Secrets; #1 Most Popular Golf Teacher on You Tube Shawn Clement

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www.shawnclementgolf.com Shawn Clement, Director of the Richmond Hill Golf Learning Centre, and top 25 CPGA Teaching Professional as rated by Score Golf Magazine, shows you untold putting secrets that will have you sinking putts from everywhere!


namalkotage says:

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Nick Tannahill says:

Thanks,, you are the best teacher on youtube… and I’m really saying this truthfully. I’m a 3 handicap and check YOUR stuff only for tips, everyone else I really don’t trust. Could you do something for the 5 footers? I noticed that you use a SeeMore Putter too. I’ve had one for 2 years now and love it!!

clemshaw says:

This distance is very important; the key here is to feel that once you are set up, that the putt is no longer under your control; you have already lined up, set-up and now it is all about letting momentum put the ball into the hole for you; no not steer it!!


brittwa says:

Watched this video after losing confidence with my putting. So many tips in one video. Focusing on the correct muscles, hanging from the shoulders and the longer follow through really helped. Putting at the weekend was a joy. Many thanks @clemshaw

RIPSAW1986 says:

How many putts did this guy actually end up making?

Nort McGort says:

Enjoy the video a lot. I typically drain all of my putts within 6ft. However, in the last week I seem to have hit a slump. I missed about 4 par putts from inside 4 ft the other day and this has happened to me in several rounds in the last 10 days or so. Do golfers go through a putting slump the same way baseball players go through hitting slumps? I don’t want to change my putting stoke but I’m wondering if it’s time to make changes or if I should just be patient and ride this out?

BradMilligan says:

Shawn, another legendary lesson. You’re always so clear and concise and use great thought provoking words and analogies. I have a grass whip on order. Thanks again

bandana345 says:

Thank you Shawn for this video. My putting has ‘gone off the boil’ at the moment, so I will work through your video the next time I’m out on the course. I can undersand where I’m going wrong and will try to put it right. Thanks again.

ImaginaryTimTim says:

Started swinging golf clubs for the first time about 3 weeks ago. I have a 7 and an 8 iron, and a putter, all for $2 a piece from the thrift store. I practice at a park because I’m too broke to hit the courses, but I’m swinging nice and straight with my irons. Before this video I had no idea how to use my putter but now I’m glad I bought it. I can’t wait to find a suitable spot to call my poor man’s practice green

molsondrive1970 says:

Just got your DVDs …. awesome! Should I post this here or on your website forum?? I practice with the grip you use (double overlap) keeping grip going in between pads of hand. I noticed that the heel of the putter is little off the ground(Odyssey white hot #1). I probably have to get another putter with a different angle right?

ShinobiclanTV says:

You have saved me at least 5strokes per 18 with these tips. I cant thank you enough. Ive madce my high school golf team now 3years in a row because of you.

Matt Reynolds says:

The point you made about using your pectoral muscles to bring the putter back and through the ball really helped me.. it was the first time I’ve heard that and it just clicked in my head when you said it. Great Vid!!

4evrhabs says:

I have been teaching boating for the past 30 years. Although boating and golfing aren’t the same, the teaching methods remain the same. I can truly say that you have unique teaching skills. You are making your lessons easy for everyone to understand and your step by step demonstrations are just perfect. Thank you for your time, enthousiasm and please keep up the good work.

17venks says:

thank you so much. it really helped me and now i can see a big difference in my putting. if its not into the hole its always closer to the given area.. thankyou so much.

blazemyhood says:

nice video… you do a great job of explaining your techniques. can’t wait to try em on the gold course

socialmediawomanmag says:

Great video thank you for sharing your putting tips and putting secrets. I have lots of trouble with my putting and now I am going to put your putting strategies into practice to try and improve my results.

alexelcongo says:

i have to agree you r the best i seen keep the good work, you should be the one te at the golf chanel ..

theinfeno says:

363589 vewir

James Allmand-Smith says:

thank u i will hopefully test it out soon 🙂

TheTeamZstudios says:

My teacher had a question.
Whilst watching this video (he was teaching us golf) he asked
“Why can’t you ACTUALLY put the ball?”

A7Guitar says:

great video but i do have a problem with lining it up with the logo since most balls arent balanced and no company that I know of takes the time to find the balls center of gravity or rather “the light side” so that part doesnt really help unless the balls are balanced. But if you do know of a company that takes the time to check that their balls are balanced please let me know. By the way that one thing is the only thing I havent found useful. Every other tip on every video has helped 🙂

MrToony1 says:

Great video Shawn, Thank you.

AJD9775 says:

Look forward to trying this on the course, thanks

ollycopter says:

In all aspects of my game I find I have to make changes every time I hit the range or course. Nothing works twice. One day I am pureing the ball the next the same swing feeling is leading to shanks. One day a certain stance works for putting, other days not. Help!

ollycopter says:

Am 13 handicapper but it feels,like if I don’t train or play every second day, I lose the feeling. One week no balls and it’s a major set back.

imscottr says:

Great vid! I’ve struggled with distance control for a long time. Practiced this after I watched and it helped a lot! Thanks for posting.

bob4919 says:

Hi Shawn. Nobody comes even remotely close to your analysis of bio-mechanics around the golf swing. I love picking up your tips and heading to the range to work on them. Thanks for all your help.

Stalley75 says:

sound quality fucking sucks

pootube50 says:

Great tips! One tip for you however, GER RID OF THE SKIVVY!! You look like the white wiggle. Besides that great advice looking forward to sinking some putts!

WintersunFTWFTW says:

damn this helped big time, thanks!

RampGolf says:

Nice Tips…check out:
rampgolf.com to help practice these tips.

Anthony Procopis says:

Once you have the technique correct as per the video get onto the other 95% of putting…The four R’s. Read (the putt deeply). Routine (same very time). React (look back to the ball then go). Review the putt 1-3. This is works out on the golf course…under pressure where it counts.

chris baker says:

Great video cant wait to try

barry thornton says:

ok i have the worse putting stroke u could ever imagine and i play off scr i intend 2 push the putter out rght with every stroke or i use the the outside of the putter and finish off on the middle of it could u tell me what i,m doing wrong please

jpian0923 says:

If anchoring the putter was such an advantage wouldn’t everyone do it?

eptxgreg says:

I’ve watched tons of putting vids and this is by far the most helpful. thanks

charlie smith says:

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spankyclifton says:

Very informative.

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