Putting Golf Lesson Use The Break

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iPhone App http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/golf/id456035227 http://www.4golfonline.com Putting Golf Lesson Use The Break to hole more putts and lower your gol…


BrockAus124 says:

hehe the intro reminds me of grand theft auto music.

MaJo DiuLi says:

@kylecade1 in this world, only one Ian poulter

kylecade1 says:

@paperweights you can still have a handicap when you are pro. Ian poulter
turned pro with a 4 handicap as a 17 year old.

Matt Arnold says:

thats my home course downes crediton

cpgdaarfob says:

What putter do you use?

Douglas Smith says:

i always seem to come up short on putts, anytips?


Could you do a video on the best way to get out of the rough and sand

Alex Keaney says:

@dougiepoolable Best tip ive ever gotten is to visualise the ball coming
off the face and rolling in the hole, the more detail you can imagine the
better (sounds etc) and then say to yourself you have already made the putt
and just hit it without thinking, works brilliantly for me

MrHusky9 says:

What’s your handicap

PaperWeight231 says:

@kylecade1 He’s pro.

Masterrumann says:

they came up with a negative handicap for mark so its not unfair to other

dillonmdr says:

Like the new intro

kylecade1 says:

What’s your handicap

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