Putting Assessment and Drill to Balance Tendencies With Christian Campbell

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Felix Staben says:

nice drill!

MichaelBarberGolf says:

Great video, very helpful! I am moving to San Diego in August to go to the
Golf Academy of America. I plan to train hard for the next 8 years to
become professional. I will be looking for a coach and I’ve followed you
since the very beginning and I would love to hire you! If we could work
something out, I’d be happy to give you my contact information. Thanks.

Johnthegolferboy says:

Would you not hit the balls with the club in the follow through

sburkeyboy says:

Christian’s a cool cat
And Gabe your editing is getting sharp!
Keep up the good work. 

JensenPGATourDriven says:

Wicked Vidz !! Practised the drill today !! Name it. Hole 1 Striker to stop
pushing & pulling puts !! 

Steve Phillips says:

Every person should try to find a local Fitter that has SAM PUTTING, I’m a
local Fitter in the Houston area and swear by it! It’s not only helped my
putting but many many of my customers! Correct toe hang, loft and lie!!

SmoothSwingTV says:

what’s the black putting aid called?

Ethan De graaf says:

Just wondering how is Davis sponsored I thought if you were sponsored you
were ineligible for college scholarships and depletes your amateur status
thanks love the vids! 

inc2000 says:

great content as always! btw, when will the new hawaii content be up on the
membership site?

Thomas Bennett says:

Just donated to the hawaii fund! But this will be my first summer with no
baseball and all golf and I really want to get from 80’s and 90’s to 70’s
and 80’s this summer so what should I work on the most? If I were to drop a
bunch of strokes this summer what would i need to work on the most or is it
all about the person?

MD 18undapar says:

Awesome drill. Keep it up guys. ✌

Chris VanB says:

Hey gabe, how can I eliminate those “blow up” holes? I do really good on
like 16 of the 18 holes but then those two holes I just get really bad
scores like 7 or 8.

Chris VanB says:

Nice drill! Keep up the good work!

jake maher says:

Great video Gabe.

GrooveBucket says:

Great video! I enjoy the technical stuff, but you seem to make me laugh at
something in every video. Love the way you interact with Christian and all
your friends. Best of luck to you and Christian!

Dean Earle says:

Good vid gabe. Have you got a course vlog with Christian????

Tyler Ormond says:

Do a course vlog with him!

PureSwingTV says:

Simple drill to work on start lines and balancing your tendencies. #MTi

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