Putt Better Today| 3 Best Putting Tips

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Golf Tip – Putt better today – my 3 best putting tips. Alistair Davies golf shares with his favourite putting tips. 3 great tips that will help you putt better instantly.

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charly yoo says:

From a feeling standpoint…. % wise…… How much more pressure on the front. Also more on the toes or evenly in the balls of your feet. So it's like a chipping setup?

Joe Adams says:

Good video. As someone who feels like Putting is a real strength to my game, I can't endorse enough the feeling of the putter moving forward. Between that and having the correct loft at impact are the two biggest things missing from most peoples' short-games. Hard to watch players slap at the ball or drive the all either up in the air or down in the ground and then blame the green speeds for their bad putts.

Keep up the great work, sir. Always enjoy your videos.

Mike Jarrett says:

Suddenly my putting has gone to pot !! From averaging 32 I took 42 today and 39 on Saturday. Thanks for these tips, a couple of hours practice required. Distance control was what went wrong !!

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