Pre Golf Tournament practice | Hesketh GC

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Following on from my +2 and poor finish at Formby here is a quick video of what i have been working on since in order to improve my driving accuracy and confidence. For any information on…


Joseph Bernal says:

Can’t hear you

Seamus Griffin says:

Good luck Andy!

paul hughes says:

Good luck, I’ll be following your progress

Dean Earle says:

Andy what’s your golfing goals are you planning on being a playing pro!!!!

Angel Gonzalez says:

Good luck Andy 

Kwasnik Matthew says:

Mr. Carter…. I fight the same problem that you are working on in this
video. Obviously you are more advance in correcting the “stuck” position.
I would love to move from a draw/hook to a fade. Could you possibly show
how to start this process from taking a draw player and changing them to a
fade player from the beginning? Also, can you play your 1 iron in
tournament golf? I thought the groove rules banned that club. I live in
the states and I am probably assuming that the same rules apply in Europe.
Best wishes on your tournament play. I cannot stress how thankful I am for
the videos that you, Mr. Finch, and Mr. Sheils post. Please know that the
Trafford Pros have a huge following from the States. ~Matt

Alan Mills says:

All the best for the tournament Andy.

Paul O'Connor says:

Good luck in the tournament. It’s cool to see what you pro’s need to work
on. Where us are struggling with all our game. Remember half the battle is
in your mind. 

P-M Meiners says:

Have a good tournament. I can’t find Cartdog on GameGolf?

Carter's Golf says:

Check out my latest tournament Practice vlog -Enjoy :)

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