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Links to stuff I use in videos Rode Videomic with Fuzzy
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Evnroll putter

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Tigersmundo says:


Stalking Heron art says:

Up in Canada 20cm of snow on the way…vids help me get through the winter.

Jacob Streiff says:

1:31 failed Berties shaft lean test

Jacob Streiff says:

13:36 my golf spy suggests he should have left the flag in there

Ian Jones says:

It's been almost non-stop rain here too….haven't been able to play much…hopefully we'll be out of winter in a few weeks, and it will start drying out…WHO DAT?!!!

Gospel According to Rolly says:

Excellent video! Also, I bought a masterclass on the wbeasite two days ago and still haven't received the link yet. I'm itching to watch it =) thanks for everything you give back to golf, brother.

Griot19 says:

Davis has a sweet swing

dualdiagnosis78 says:

About shafts being significant or not…
I believe as skill level increases, it becomes more important to the golfer. As a former club fitter, the vast majority of golfers would not see the benefits other than correct flex and length.

A typical “hack” has no business worrying about bend-point, torque, etc…

Chris Milligan says:

bought a DST compressor using your discount code a few weeks ago. Great training aid and thanks for the videos and discount code

Gaidad Tekle says:

Is the putter the TourStroke Trainer from Evnroll?

Woden of the Angles says:

Shaft is hugely important. His looks like a Fuji VC.

Billy Beard says:

Thats right @ 13.10 walk on his line ya clown

Robbie White says:

Can you link a video or article where anyone with credibility says that shaft doesn’t matter?

Aaron From Winchester says:

Hate to sound like a dick but you trampled on both their lines on the short down hill par 3.

Ken Royal says:

Coming from the UK to West Coast rain, instead of "guaranteed sunshine", isn't the stuff read in the travel brochures. It's a golfer's nightmare! Bertie can get that at home. ;>) I'm sure you enjoyed–anyway. Looking forward to those vlogs.

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