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Comparing the LAG TENSION of golfers on the PGA Tour (LA OPEN, with a purse of $7.4 million) against golfers competing in a large MINI-tour event called the LONG BEACH OPEN which has a purse of $175,000.

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Thomas Lavery says:

Still confused by the definition of lag tension. Can you exolain your diagrams in more detail? Where would the ball be located in the diagram and in the photos of the players in the event? I like your videos, but this one needs more details. Thanks…Tom

Bill's Gmail says:

Anyone else not seeing the golfers?

golfbulldog says:

The "lag tension" expression is not a great expression. It seems to date back to some of the Golfing Machine influenced coaches who were taught, and taught others, that there was extra force appliced to the golfball if the clubhead trailed the hands – ie. more distance. I think that the recent physics influenced golf coaches have shown that there is no magic force applied to the ball through the shaft at impact, there is only clubhead speed and clubhead mass. There is no tension.
The reason why the best golfers present some degree of shaft lean and a "hands ahead of clubhead" look is because they want to present a lower dynamic loft than a vertical shaft would present and also they want to minimise the chance of presenting a closed clubface at impact.. i think that is all…it is a look that confers some loft and face control…not tension or any force being applied through the shaft at impact…at least that is what i have gathered from the physics inspired golf coaches. By all means chase the look, expect better shots but be sceptical of how a coach explains how those better shots are achieved if they use the word tension.

mike obrien says:

It seems to me that a very strong grip would have lag tension built into it. Everyone I’ve convinced to try a very strong grip has found instant improvement/sucked way less.

golfbulldog says:

stop thinking of it as lag tension…think of it in terms of clubface control and loft control and then you can start to see what some people with "lots of lag tension" still get cut. They are hitting low bullets and probably have big problems stopping the ball on hard greens. You can have too much forward shaft lean for good and consistent iron shots.

Kyle Smith says:

That caddy made my cut.

LoveMyPug says:

Wouldn't bowing your lead wrist be very beneficial in creating lag tension? Seems like it would

Daniel Roby says:

All the shots are from different angles so none of this means anything.

Tigersmundo says:

A lot of Lag Tension potential from those white shorts!

Mus Deb says:

Why don't you make a video of people chipping and putting then you see who is a real grinder rather then a player who is a swing position chaser.

Jamie Ferguson says:

Wouldn’t gripping it stronger & having the hands lower at impact cause the desired effect??
Your hands/arms unit would then need to be ‘pointed’ significantly ahead of the ball to hit it pure & straight.

Charlie Clarke says:

A couple of the LB guys had lag tension created by a bent left elbow at impact. That doesn’t look like a good position and goes against what Bertie was saying about creating a long moment arm up to the shoulder.

gashead 95 says:

Can see the point your trying to make but a). Too many players who missed the cut have lag tension in this video and b). Too many top players who don’t have it e.g. Luke Donald who has achieved world no.1 and more than 99.9% other pro golfers ever have done .

L J says:

B. Would you say that lag tension and great impact is more about knowing how to release the club? Training aids like the Gforce 7 iron is something I've been thinking about getting as it's suppose to really focus on training the release. Maximum energy into the ball is also knowing the proverbial "putting on the breaks" in order to release the arms/hands for max clubhead velocity.Thoughts?

Leo Chang says:

What the hell is lag tension, you talking about no forward shaft lean. At 7:07, you said that golf has a ton of lag tension, dude he has zero shaft lean at impact. If that is what you're referring to, I cannot disagree with you more for iron. Look on tour, Tiger and Brooks has tons of shaft lean for mid and short irons and Brooks even has it for his driver. So, you gotta clarify

Jon Gee says:

Okay I've watched the first 1:11 of this video and your camera angle on the first two examples is not even close to the same. You've got to compare apples to apples…

e james says:

this inspired me to revisit the dst kompressor. Got away from it for several weeks as I've been working on turning the pelvis and stretching the adductor muscles. I must say……combining the dst with stretching the adductors has got me understanding what controlling the flight is all about. All that's left is getting the phone setup to actually confirm there is lag tension.

kbkesq says:

Interesting thesis. I would’ve thought app scratch golfers had lag tension.

W X says:

I'm curious what lag tension is meant to achieve. What exactly is the goal, and why does it matter?

Grimzuhl says:

Most definitely doable

Paul Bergh. says:

Do you have a video about the relationship between throwing the club with the right arm and have lag tension, and lag tension with the release, like toe up to toe up?

P SMITH says:

Dear Brendon – Isn't shaft deflection a 'pointer' to whether one is applying positive or negative torque on the handle via the hands (especially in the late downswing) ? Do you believe in Nesbitts research on shaft deflection or 'Kwon/Sasho / Dave Tutelman' ? Nesbitts research suggests that forward shaft bend into impact would infer positive torque (ie. handle dragging into/through impact). 'Kwon/Sasho/Tutelman' suggest that forward shaft bend infers 'negative torque' in the hands (ie. no lag tension as you call it). It seems from this video that you believe in Nesbitts research but he could be wrong and that would make you wrong too.

P SMITH says:

Hi Brendon – after seeing that video you made with Bertie Cordle, this 'Lag Tension' is really a rehash of TGM concepts . Check out optimal release of PA#2 and Drive-Hold hand release actions . The detailed biomechanics explaining what is actually happening in a golf swing has already been written by Dr Jeff Mann in his website ( The physics to explain PA#2 release has already been described in some of Sasho Mackenzie's vimeo videos , while more 'golfer friendly' explanations by Dave Tutelman and guest 'Rod White' (check out Tutelmans website).

crazy14u2c says:

The white shorts is do able does increase lag tension

Tcooper says:

Everything else being equal Just put the ball a little further back and stack a little.

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