Peter Uihlein Golf Swing Lesson

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tdk130265 says:

Thanks for the clarification. Thanks for all your great efforts on YouTube
as well. Really enjoy watching your videos and highly appreciate it.

pfancy says:

I remember that Peter’s foot action was explained in a little more detail
in a golf digest article last year. There is a number of younger players
coming through where both feet stay planted until well after impact.
Greater strength and athleticism plays a strong part.

mejne says:

hips going backwards after impact like mc ilroy

eli yates says:

ive watched quite a of your videos… mostly the ones with gorilla james
and such. today I decided to watch your review of peter uihleins swing to
see exactly how you would describe his right foot. I really like the way
peter swing the club and his right foot is very kenny perry if youve ever
looked at his swing. I think it helps with the draw shot. kind of helps
force the in to out swing path. 

Spencer Steel says:

Davis Love III has the identical move with his right foot.

Pelican Man says:

cool office little setup there

Connor Cunningham says:

Mark, would you recommend a Laser Rangefinder or a GPS Rangefinder?

Mark Crossfield says:
Digby Howis says:

golf is all about having functional results that can be repeated. Textbook
positions help the “repeat” part but not always the function. 

straight True says:

As you keep saying Mark, there’s no ‘right or wrong’…. just good & bad
On another note…… Lee Westwood just signed a round at Silverado country
club on his ‘game golf’.
I noticed something odd which I hope you can clear up.
On the first hole, shot 2, he hit a 9 iron 155 yrds onto the green.
But then on the 3rd hole, shot 2, he hit an 8 iron 154 yrds onto the green.
They both look like straight shots. I don’t understand why he used
different clubs for same distance.

itubeutude says:

What he does with the right foot doesn’t bother me. It’s just a balance
issue. Some good players drag the right foot.

tdk130265 says:

Hi Mark,
You said the shaft is slightly bowed as soon as he starts his downswing
while increasing the lag angle. I would assume that this is a camera
artifact (rolling shutter effect) of the video (as in all videos not taken
with a CCD camera). It is very likely that you haven’t used a CCD camera
while recording Peter as the shaft is bowed towards the target at impact as
well which does not happen in reality (again a roller shutter artifact). I
hope I am right guessing the camera type.

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