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Perfect your iron shots




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Michael Dube says:

Been struggling with back problems cause of my swing hopefully this video will help thank you

MaxGradel1 says:

Hi, I'm a 15 handicap and my problem is coming from the tee, my short game is pretty good and also my irons, but my consistency with the driver/ 4 wood is too bad. Pls help Btw my real name is Mattias!

Tommy Eden says:

How is it that you guys can read my mind. I have literally just been thinking about this very topic lol, it's my next focus for practice. Question for you, my lower back pain is more in my left glute (right hander), but that's all posterior chain so I am guessing this could still apply? My fitter said I was overswinging in my back swing, that's me trying to rotate more and not knowing how. Lately I have been opening my left shoulder to the target and I seem to be able to rotate through easier. Maybe it's just that I'm getting older

earic12 says:

All your videos are awesome guys, great work as usual! Best golf channel on Youtube by a mile.

neal cw says:

oh my god ….the shoes!!!!!

oneloveonelifeman says:

Love the intro!

yeerboi says:

hahah love the trick shots at the start of the new videos

Sansfaim says:

Sorry guys, can’t watch this video for looking at your shoes. They make your feet look enormous. Did you get them from a circus clown?

Miguel Lourenco says:

What a clickbait title! You guys uses to make such great content and now you just tell what people what to hear. I am disapointed.

matthew stieger says:

Awesome stuff guys! I watch all of your videos and some great stuff to take from each one! Have you guys maybe thought of doing a putting analysis ? Or a chipping analysis?

Single Figure Golf says:

Really good video I have just had a lesson about all of this !

FlashTheEagle says:

i have problems hitting the ball when i'm on a hill. i struggle to hit a nice shot if the ball is substantially higher/lower than my feet but also if i'm playing uphill/downhill.
how do i adjust my swing and weight distribution or do i have a completely wrong concept in mind?

Khawar Murtaza says:

Question to Andy, the swing you shown in the video, should your right leg be more straight ? When u do the back swing, to allow the more hip rotation?

Keijo Ahko says:

Good vid! I am struggling with club face control. I mean: I have a neutral grip and i can hit the ball fairly straight with solid contact. It's when I want to fade/draw the ball that my hands turn the clubface back to square target or somewhere els. This occurs when I want to eliminate right or left side on golf course(read water hazards or out of bounds). So my ball flight will be:
a) straight forward.
b) push/pull
c) thin/skull/hosel rockets
d) slice/hook

Any ideas how to get the clubface closed/open to path and be fairly certain that the ball wouldnt go the other way.

Thanks! Big fan

Rodude180 says:

I saw u guys at the bmw championship on Friday

Jason Pentico says:

Hey, guys. Would really like a swing analysis. I’ve been playing golf for about 20 years and have always hovered around a 15 handicap. Recently I have had huge issues with my driver. I cannot get consistent contact and my shot shape has turned into a push to the right. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Randy J says:

Lower back pain is an issue. I'll have to pay better attention to my turn. Great advice guys.

Neri Marini says:

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mr red says:

What irons do you all recommend?

Hedghog6666 says:

I feel like I come in too steep – I have very inflexible hips/hamstrings. Most of my shots either bottom out before the ball, or are a push, or are a push + slice, but I feel like my setup and execution order (hips, arms, hands) is okay… I'm unable to compress the ball and take divots.

Fro Waters says:

You mentioned lower back pain. I have moderate to severe lower back pain depending on the day. What would be the best swing technique to reduce strain on it?

Drone Fishing says:

You asked for a comment on my swing thoughts????? Its usually, where the f@#$ is it gonna go this time.

stan trumblin says:

I've been watching these vids for some time and i recognize the faults I'm making that lead to my slice. Omg is it ever a slice! hope i can correct it with your instructions. great info in the vids so far guys

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