Perfect Golf Swing, Tiger Woods Correct Golf swing Fix Swing

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ragoer675 says:

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4golfonline says:

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jsulliv216 says:


clintonio23 says:

poetry in motion

jimm187 says:

dats da money swing

paronomasiaster says:

Is this a Nike ad? It’s very cool.

damefama says:

I’ve watched this swing many times and thought that the angles were different from others that I have seen.  For example the others would show close ups of the club compressing the ball and close ups of Tigers face. However, this swing is completely different and there is one thing that gives it away which is the tee. The other video of this swing will show the tee spin up all the way up to his belt line while this one has the tee being shot way forward.

RK831 says:

What I love about this swing is the extension of the right arm after impact. About as good as Watson’s.

glory51golfer says:

Agreed. In addition to that, I like his weight shifting. I noted that before his down swing, he lowered down his body and shift his body weight while down swing. This is what I miss all the time!

jake141000 says:

the music goes to it soo well,


Roland Rhodes says:

I went to the store and I asked for Grand theft auto 2. The guy didnt know it . So I told him that it was a Game about a black guy swinging some iron bars, destroying cars and picking up hookers.

the guy said. Ohh you mean tiger woods 2010

rockebol says:

I lol’d 😀

alexlee888 says:


Eric Romero says:

In my humble opinion, he has to be part cyborg. his dad cheated on his mom with a hydraulic golf swing machine and out came a Tiger Woods prototype.

abzversion3 says:

Not doing so well in the masters, but you have to admire the perfection in his swing

helenathena says:

whats strange is how his hands look behind the club face at start

mattS5295 says:

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ScotlandTh3Brave says:

it’s a natural swing i doubt many people could do this straight off

kingzoet1 says:

Tiger is on his way back period………

Kim Yugene says:

beautiful !! ollah.
i get feeling.

michal9339 says:


dudefood says:

Sorry to be THAT guy again but I just uploaded a video of my swing on my channel and was looking for some feedback. Thanks!

GolfSwingTipsBlog says:

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Faisal Hashvani says:

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jmeme16 says:

This video actually makes me feel good about being alive. I watch it again and again: it’s an absolutely beautiful thing to see him swing.

bn030687 says:

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bt2134 says:

240p… we meet again

Dawne Wiggs says:

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theevilmachines says:

i wish i was that flexible

Alex O Takshi says:

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