Perfect and Automatic Golf Swing; Shawn Clement; #1 Most Popular Golf Teacher on You Tube

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Close Shawn Clement, #1 MOST POPULAR INSTRUCTOR-TEACHER ON YOU TUBE and Director of the Richmond Hill Golf Learning Centre, CLASS A…


Shawn Clement says:

Absolutely! This is why he was so great and is still the man to beat! I refer to his “Never missed a putt in my mind” in the next upcoming video which is super key to making those clutch putts; Shawn

Shawn Clement says:

Watch “weak grip or strong grip”, “Hammer through”, “great driver tip” and “Rip the driver”; you will see how they all come together to help you seal that deal. Just add my name to each title when you search them…Shawn

f0cusen says:

I would suggest that you change your swingpath because the swingpath is what creates the curve on the ball and your swingpath is going to much to the left to much across the ball. The reasons why your swingpath is to much to the left is because you are coming over the top or your shoulders are pointed to much to the left the shoulders are responsible for your swingpath so try to close your shoulders a little bit. I assume you don’t have enough lateral hipmovement in the downswing too.

f0cusen says:

Which means that you are not moving enough forward in your dowswing with your hips you are starting the dowswing with your torso which gets you out of the “slot” try to incorporate lateral motion in your downswing. You are not starting your downswing with your hips so your swing sequence is off.

MRdavesender says:

I believe this is one of the best vids you’ve ever created. I left shots on the course this weekend due to lack of focus. Again I left shots in the bunker due to trying to hit the ball. Just let it happen. Don’t try and force it. Don’t make the ball the target. I’m sold Shawn.

golfnutz3000 says:

clemshaw love your videos!!!!!!! i dont understand how you did not win the golf instructor show !!!!!! but keep it up everytime i get swing isssues i go back to your videos Good stuff shawn very good stuff!!!!!!

Michael Gao says:

Thank you for clearing my thought of “perfect” swing. Love your video.

Shawn Clement says:

That information was huge for me as well; complete freedom for the rest of my life! 🙂 LOL!!

aznlyfe123 says:

all of your videos have such GREAT information. i’m also very envious of your golf swing. its so natural looking. keep it up!

Roscow Berrend says:

Another incredible video Shawn, thank you. Took low gross in the 2nd flight at my club today with a 76. March 2011 I had never played in any kind of tournament whatsoever and I’ve been watching your videos for probably about two years. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for all the information you provide. I would not have been able to do what I did today without all your generosity.

Shawn Clement says:

That is so awesome man; you are doing it!! This is why I can’t wait to get out of bed in the mornings! 🙂 Shawn

Shawn Clement says:

Thanks for the comments but I have a very important video for you to watch called “Ridiculously easy golf swing; shawn clement” part 1 and 2; you will realize that you are already wired to make a proper weight shift and hip turn to clear in the follow through out of pure self preservation; these are things that no one should need to think about in their golf swing when over a ball; All the best! Shawn

falodi says:

Jesus, Shawn. Sometimes I want to kill you. You make it so easy. In my case I go to the range, get stressed hitting bad shots with no focus on targeting focusing only in not missing the ball and then I go to the course, stressed and full of anxiety, play half of my round with the same focus and when my score seem to be unrecoverable, I sort of give up and focus only on swinging the club easily and relaxed. Bingo. Triples give place to bogeys and pars and I start enjoying the game. The funniest

chorltonville says:

Top draw stuff…pardon the pun. Never thought about hitting the ball in your way. I’ve been locked into hitting the ball from a ‘hackers’ point of view…bottom of the swing. Your teachings are dynamite compared to all the other stuff out there. i’m sure many golfers are/will be inspired by this. Thanks Shawn.

SC69golfr says:

gotta thank u again. i started this summr playin golf. shooting 120s’ now im steady 80-85 with low score of 76. u r the only golf instr i hav ever had. thank u so much. i am a disabled vet and golf is mor than a hobby to me now. i love the people, environment and lifestyle…and competition. anyone who has disabilities should try this game. challenge yourself everyday!!!! i hit balls 4-5 times a week and play once a week. i love it!!!! i cant thank u enough. God bless!!!!

juromis says:

I am really amazed by your Wonderful lecture!!!!
It gave me a consistency and confidence of my shots.
Actually I had a kind of driver yips(?), which was solved after having your lecture video.
Thanks.,.. Shawn

steven s. says:

Dear Shawn,

I’m a 2 handicap and I’m a 17 year old junior player. I have tournaments coming up and I really want to play well but I keep have ball striking issues. I have a problem catching my irons and wedges heavy, and I also have a hard time striking it solid more often than not. Any tips or advice that I could keep in mind when practicing?

Thanks, love your videos btw!

Shawn Clement says:

Go to my “sledge Hammer Golf; Shawn Clement” video and be sure to try hitting balls with this drill firstly and you will see in the last 5 minutes, the full sequence of Focus, huge stuff for you! 3 more videos for the feel of the release is the “fencing for power” video as well as the “throwing the club”and “feel the braced tilt” videos; After the shot is delivered, you must observe properly what went on with the “mental baseball game for golf” video; keep the strain out of your swing!!

molsondrive1970 says:

Mmm brownies! I’m sorry if I posted in the wrong spot-only had the reply buttom option. If I wanted to “flip” the video so he looks like he’s hitting left any suggestions on any free programs? I think you could do that with still photos and I tried a couple of programs already… Thanks

James Breslin says:

I always hyperfocused on the ball and wondered why on earth the pros look out to the target all the time. I always thought you just had to get lined up and hit the ball. I tried this on my first time out this year and posted an 81. I usually shoot in the 90’s my first time out for year. I felt like I was playing golf for the first time, not just golf swing. Brilliant video Sean! Thanks. You are an excellent teacher. Please keep them coming.

Stuart Fuller says:

I don’t know why, but this guy reminds me of Will Ferrel

Shawn Clement says:

Man, I get that a lot! Just last week at the supermarket too! LOL!!!

Robert Bright says:

Great information, great teaching always helps!

jumpnjy says:

Hey Will!, I mean Shawn, thanks for the light bulb moment. I’ve had a few year lay off and was trying to find my swing, you helped me find a new and improved one! At 50 plus this is the furthest I’ve hit the ball ever (250 yrd carry and some further as I loosen up and let pyhsics run its course.) I finally understand how to “use my legs” that little up and down montion that I used as a kid to get a swing swinging. A Little pause at the top to create lag and that whip. Awesome!!

skennykenny1 says:

Man o’ man! I was watching RST and really starting to understand what i needed to do, but my brain was overloaded. Trying to hold the lag was making me forget how to hit the ball. After watching a few of your videos, its completely changed my freaking life. Bombing the ball now with ease. I do your fist pump. Thank you.

storminvids says:

it’s his voice. v similar. top guy

Kernerenglish says:

I really enjoy, and benefit from, your holistic and realistic approach. The insights concerning how the body and brain function, the metaphorical examples of things I can relate to like swinging a hammer; all these things come together to help me understand the fundamentals. Thank you!


Let me start by saying I love your videos and your teaching style – absolutely amazing and I’ve watched most, if not all of your videos. With that said – I did notice a contradiction. In some of your videos you advocate a “ramrod straight left arm”. However, your own left arm is not actually straight in the back swing (pause at 6:11 of this video to see what I mean). Is a straight left arm really necessary? Please explain – thanks!

Shawn Clement says:

Hi Derek; I made this video for those who have major breakdown issues with the left arm that impede their ability to have a swing through the ball; once you have that feel of wide and hinged in the wrists and not a collapse in the arm unit and you feel that you need to turn to make this happen, then there is no longer a concern for it as long as you feel nice width and this allows for nice width through the ball; Shawn

Bala Bellur says:

Am 44 and started golf at 27, Shawn is the only one that has made complete sense to me. Explanations validated by reason. The last 3 years has been a transformation – abruptly interrupted by a torn rotator curr (from skiiing accident) and my handicap has dropped by 13. need to see the man for a 1 week lesson in a month or so.

Keldorn87 says:

Not gonna lie, I thought this was a parody at first and that you WERE Will Ferrel. You should do a golf parody and pretend you are Ron Burgundy. 

Keldorn87 says:

On a more golf related topic- I’m picking my clubs up again after not playing for 6 years. I massively regret not continuing to play for those 6 years but I have my reasons. I’m finding where I used to drive straight and long consistently, now I hook the ball to the left and top it at least 50% of the time. When I get it right (25-50% of the time) it goes long and straight, and I’m on cloud 9, but the other 50% of the time it’s hell. Is there anything I can do to remedy this?

Gena Pletcher says:

It still surprise me, just how a lot of people have no idea about Golfonax Training Program (google it), despite the fact that many people improve their golf skills because of this training program. Thanks to my friend who told me about Golfonax Training Program, I have earn the respect and admiration of my friends and other players.

deedrabbit says:

What clubs does he use?

Shawn Clement says:

The ones I used here are Titleist but I have gone up to Nike who have the same Blade Titleist had for Tiger in the early 2000s when Tiger was on a tear; amazing feel with sharper leading edge and thin top line that looks super clean!
The new Coverts are very solid and sound fantastic!

bigmac throttlebody says:

Were you just swinging on the Green? 🙂

ollycopter says:

There is definitely something to what you Teach, but I find you sometimes over complicate your explanations of simplicity. And I also find I need more discipline in my swing then just clearing my mind. I tried it for over a year and it just was not for me, but I know there will come a point after I have worked hard on technic that losing myself would be the right progression.

ollycopter says:

Will add this, when I focus on a putt I generally hit a bad putt, when I swan around a green hitting putts one handed, I hole far more… unconscious golf has its role.. I like the backswing theory of Chuck Quinton, getting into a coiled strong position, from there I am into unconscious golf. It happens too fast to think anyway….

Guy Canuel says:

I see in your downswing that you tend to swing down your knees instead of staying still. I think it’s very difficult to swing like that cause it will make you to touch the ground with your club before hitting the ball…

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