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This video is about Short Game with Tim Yelverton. Tim is at In the backswing keep your trail forearm on top of the shaft, don’t let it get to the side. The source of power available now for pre-order. Pre-order the source of power now and get Bobby Lopez on sides power driver video immediately. Other extras will be included as they come in. Http:// Tim is a very personable and friendly guy with a knack for making the short game simple for anyone to be good at. I chipped in and got up and down a lot in [More]
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Hole More Putts review: the first swing analysis tool is the best way to check your putting stroke is on point. Looking at the five key areas of putting, this golf aid will five you instant feedback on where you are going wrong. And not only that – you can connect it online to an account, which will then show you videos of how to improve the weak areas of your stroke. ENJOY THE VIDEO? PLEASE LIKE IT AND COMMENT BELOW! is the #1 online golf website for news, reviews, tips and instruction with more than 400,000 monthly users [More]
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