ROUND BALL MARKERS?? REALLY??? How is that supposed to help anyone read the green and get a better line on your putt???? Why not move up to Golf’s newest techn…The Putting Optimizer Ball marker?
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Putting Lessons with Derek Hooper – In lesson six of the Better Putting Blueprint series I share some wonderful short putting drills that accomplish a couple of key things. These drills allow you to replicate some of the skills you will need on the golf course by asking you to hit each putt form a different location, so although the putts may be the same length each is slightly different in terms of speed and break. You can score your current skills and benchmark them against players of your same handicap or compare your scores to the handicap you would [More]
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THE KEY TO CONSISTENTLY MAKING PUTTS Who wouldn’t love to improve their putting? The better you are at making putts, the better your scorecard looks. Unfortunately, a lot of golfers find themselves shooting the same scores over and over again with no idea how to get off the green in fewer strokes. If you relate to this problem, I’m here to help. Watch our video on the 5 Keys to a Proper Putter Setup: I am going to share with you the one key skill that you must master in order to be a better putter. I will also [More]
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