In this video golf tip. Australian PGA Professional, Brian Fitzgerald “The Golf Doctor” shows you a simple upgrade to your putter that should help you to putt better. By using a thick putting grip on my SeeMore Giant M1t putter instead of my old thin grip on my Mizuno Ap 301 putter I am able to eliminate the use of my wrists in my putting stroke. ========================= Fore more information you can visit: YouTube Channel https;// My website Twitter: Facebook: ========================= My Play Lists: * Pitching Playlist ( * Swing Drills ( *TGD Top 5 ( * Putting [More]
Tiger Woods a remporté ce lundi son 82e succès sur le PGA Tour. Lors de l’USPGA 2019, Guillaume Biaugeaud, coach Altus Performance Europe, nous avait décrypté la routine d’entrainement au putting de l’ancien numéro un mondial.
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Putting Lessons with Derek Hooper – In lesson five of the Better Putting Blueprint series the focus is on green reading and how to decide where to start your putt. In earlier lessons we have spoken about your ability to aim the putter and start the ball on your intended line, but that only helps so much if you don’t know how to discover your intended line. This video explains the basic concepts of green reading and will clear up confusion you have about how a ball curves on the putting green. Training Aids Shown in this Lesson Eyeline Slot [More]
In this video TG Elite Teaching Professional Rob Watts demonstrates a simple drill you can use on the range to ensure your weight is positioned in the arches of the feet which will help you find the back of the ball with the club’s sweetspot every time. Subscribe to our channel: Today’s Golfer on Facebook:’s Golfer on Twitter: the Today’s Golfer website:
Play better golf shots from TEE TO GREEN – In this video we look at how to change your mentality to hit better golf shots from tee to green. #golf #golfcoaching #golflessons ►SwingQuest UK eBook link ►SwingQuest eBook link ►SwingQuest Paperback here UK – ►SwingQuest Paperback here .com – ► Official SwingQuest website ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to PETER FINCH now ►Book Lesson With PETER FINCH at Quest Golf here ►Feel free to comment below! ►Remember to hit that LIKE button if you enjoyed it 🙂 ►NEW VIDEO EVERY DAY ON MY CHANNEL [More]
AJ Bonar talks about the driver and making “the move” with the hands (top of face over the bottom of the face) through impact. Also talks about Canadian Golf legend Stan Leonard’s key which was to cup the left wrist at set up and bow it through impact. Stan was good friends with Ben Hogan who did that same wrist cupping move but at the top of his swing. AJ contends they both did that so they could aggressively bow the wrist through impact without any fear of hooking it. Go to SUBSCRIBE! Click here for a FREE subscription [More]
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Moe Norman was a golfing genius. His technique and feelings differentiate the Single Plane Golf Swing Vs Conventional Golf. Many times Moe exaggerated his positions to show his feelings. One of these positions Moe called “The Vertical Drop”. The Vertical Drop is not a mystery. It is actually an easy movement of the arms and hands produced from the proper body motion. In this video I discuss feel vs. real and the movement Moe called “The Vertical Drop”.