ONLINE GOLF INSTRUCTION: How to Measure Golf Swing Plane (Golf’s #1 Lag Instructor)

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Ian Blackburn says:

Hi, will the club droop more if you have regular shafts and have increased club head speed? I.e. If you find a toe scorch divot line, what is this indicating? Hands too high at impact or maybe trying to set up with a flat lie at address.

Chuck Quinton says:

It will be the same given the speed is enough to flex the shaft. Usually only around 7 degrees (depending on the length of club), or enough to get the handle and the sweet spot to align. I would imagine the hands are too high causing the toe down divot. You could be coming out of your posture through the downswing. Watch the merry go round drill on the site. That should help. Good luck! ~Clay Ballard

Ian Blackburn says:


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