One Simple Trick To Fix Your Golf Swing For Good

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One Simple Trick To Fix Your Golf Swing For Good

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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wreckim says:

This is one of the very best lessons from you Clay, and that's saying quite a bit considering all the great content you put out. This move is very complicated for us Clay, because we 'average' golfers want to straighten that club well before impact for a variety of reasons; mainly lack of talent. Thanks for posting. The very least you can do is subscribe folks!

Aidan Place says:

Hi Clay, I watched your video when it came out and when we were released from lockdown I've been giving it a go. I can honestly say I've never hit the ball as consistently. I've never hit a draw before and now I have a lovely controlled one. Average driver distance for me was 220, its now 250. Today I hit a standard 8 iron 156 with a great flight, that was previously a 130-135 club. Thank you so much!

Tony Conner says:


Sriram Kailasam says:

Thanks Clay. Always like your videos! When I make that move of turn left, swing right for the long draw, how do you stay disciplined to not cast your club and end up slicing? Slow down? I am sure you would have addressed this in other videos….

Lana Green says:

I'm not interested in golf

johnny b says:

This video helped me a TON! From wedges to driver, it helped me stop slicing/fading the ball to where I am having to over-correct from pulling. I rarely pull, so this is a big improvement!

Neal Sokay says:

Clay your feet seems to be pointing abit more left, is that correct?

Juan Ruiz Art says:

Like Hogan said, the hips go first, the arms hang on until impact.

Rand D says:

Clay- when my left arm is attached to my chest during the downswing, I hit pull shots and the only way I can correct this is to feel like I'm swing with my right side. I am left handed but playing golf right handed. Thanks for the video and comments

C K says:

Clay, I do this with all clubs. The problem is "opening up" and turning, so how do you do that? I hear what you are saying but the problem is doing. Thanks.

Salop Suds says:

Great explanation, will definitely work on this,thanks

oboy inflrida says:

Nice video. I just don't care how the pros are open with the hips and where the hands are. I'm not a pro!! I'm you're average golfer who needs to improve ball striking. Just tell me what I need to do. You spend more time telling us what the pros do and why the balls are going to the right or left. Tell me what I need to do to hit a straight drive. Don't mean to be curt. Too much time on what the pros do and the mistakes average golfers make.

xbull62x says:

The freeze frame of you standing up and square at impact is the spitting image of my swing. The HUGE push is my round killer. Problem is I have steel rods in my back and several vertebrae fused together. Turning back is limited so I have a short backswing. Turning through is even more limited. Still swing the driver 100-105mph. Any tips to get that beautiful impact position?

Scott Harmon says:

Great video, Clay. This addresses a mental dilemma I have, which is to “think” about opening my body right from the start of the downswing (transition) but in reality keeping the shoulders closed a bit longer, basically, separation of hips and shoulders. I have a hard time thinking about those two parts of my body making contrasting motions. For me, I t’s either “open” (I dump club behind me a bit and flip it with timing) or “closed longer”, where things stall out and unless I time things perfectly. Either way it’s a hook.

“Swing path right” seems to be an easier thought for me than “shoulders closed”.

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