Nikko Locastro Putting Highlights

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Nikko Locastro sinks some huge putts in this compilation I put together. Clips are from the 2012 St. Louis Open, the 2011 Brent Hambrick Open, the 2010 Stock…


jdawgl33 says:

I tried to do a similar compilation video of Nikko’s solid shots, but soon
found out how tough it can be to edit together. Awesome job!

Jeffrey Dahmer says:

lol at editting’s hard.

Forehand Anhyzer says:

dats my course!

HeavenlySnipez says:

aka, let’s just take all of these highlights from NONSTOPDISCGOLF’s video..

jdawgl33 says:

Glad I could provide you a laugh. Maybe I should have said more time
consuming instead of tough. I found your missspelling of ‘editting’
equalling musing.

camoo420 says:

Fuck yes nikkos sick as hell

TheBossDiscGolfer says:

Could you just tell me… where do you get these clips?

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