Nicolas Colsaerts Golf Swing

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Jim Smith says:

He swings under, up and out. Releasing from the top, like Mike Austin,
Dustin Johnson. No holding of any angles. He’s basically stepping then
throwing the club underhanded.

Jim Smith says:

Notice how in the transition the clubhead gets thrown backwards to then be
whipped round (think a tetherball) as apposed to what is taught which ks to
pull down.

Avery Nichols says:
Rory Campbell says:

I’m no expert but he seems to have loads of lag and a really wristy swipe
at impact so that the clubhead gets way ahead of hands after impact and
then arms catch up through the follow through. Quite flat through this
swipe too till he stands tall

Thomas De Rycke says:

Great!! so smooth.
Dipping his head a bit when going up…

jayoyster says:

I think probably the most important part of his swing is that he is
extremely RELAXED and let’s his body and arms freely swing through the
ball, very FLUID .. lots of amateurs tend to tense their bodies and arms
and that’s what causes the clubface at impact to be anything but square no
to mention the path to be completely altered ..

bfdman2010 says:

Two words, swing speed.

daniel reeve says:

what do you think golfninja lol

straight True says:

Loved seeing this swing. Great job you have Mark.
My two bob’s worth………… long arms, wide circle, centrifugal force
and maybe big shoulder muscles.
Some great comments on this one and I took note of them all.
Ninja ?

Antonio Santa says:

He swings just like Mike Austin

Chris I says:

I see a pretty quick snap at impact and club face closing really quickly
afterwards. No doubt he’s in control but looks like timing has got to be
fantastic. Thanks for the video.

golfninja says:

+Mark Crossfield Tall guy, over 6′ 1″ wide swing arc, well timed, keeps the
right arm, right hand angle to impact then releases his whole right side
through the shot, so can crank it out there. Interestingly although he’s
obviously a very good golfer who can shoot low, just an inch or so away
from a 59! His game is often way off too, but seeing him swing the club
you’d wonder why he can be so ‘hit or miss’ as he’s got a reasonable short

itubeutude says:

it helps to be tall and skinny.

Vici Martynov says:

He is absolutely fluid – its not where does the power come from I think,
more that he doesn’t lose any – he swings the club through a perfect strike
without any wasted effort :-)

michael jirgensons says:

Hi Mark. 

Jesper Rodin Augustsson says:

wanna se so much more pros

french13 says:

Beautiful swing!!

Foomba says:

The hips almost slowing to a stop at about impact is interesting. Maybe I
have misread but Rory does a similar thing.
Flies in the face of something Hogan wrote years ago that the hips can’t be
rotated too fast. That thought never helped me much so maybe I
misunderstood Hogan or was overdoing it. Honestly if I’m thinking about my
hips sliding and/or rotating during the swing it gets pretty ugly. I’m not
saying they don’t do either or both put as a swing thought it spells

Mark Crossfield says:

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