NEW!!! Putting Tips with Guerin Rife Putter Legend

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charly yoo says:

Choke down, less moving parts, large muscles, shoulders, toe down, more straight back and straight through arc for anything inside 15 feet (scoring zone). Longer Putts vice versa….This is awesome stuff “B”.

randy underwood says:

i would kill for a fitting with him

pistolpete65over says:

compare this putting methodology to Mike Malaska's thoughts about where you think you are looking and how to correct your vision line …

J@D W says:

I'm excited about putting to the pin instead of the hole. Carpet putting training aide needed.

e james says:

I use the malaska system ,with a slight twist. First, you align the ball to the target while sighting from behind. Then you step around and ,with your eyes directly over the ball, set the putterhead square to the line on the ball. Now here's the kicker……as you set up and head swivels to the target, keep your right eye shut before you come back to the ball. This will prevent the optical illusion of the putterhead being misaligned.

Hauke Marxen says:

Very good video, very good tips, thanks

wwwTripper says:

Is that your putter Brendon? Huge amount of offset!

Timothy Daniels says:

Some of the best putting advice I’ve seen. Many thanks.

dj wednesday says:

what putter is that?

cdb1iron says:

What is the grip on your putter

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