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01:25. Two Key WIG elements for putting
06:16. Never miss another putt
08:20. Strategy for an uneven green
10:16. Savannah’s Stroke
10:33. Finding your alignment with the putter
11:11. How to eliminate doubt with your putt

You are on the golf course and you start missing short putts; it starts putting pressure on the rest of your short game and the domino effect continues through the long game. When you Reverse this, and you start making all your short putts, you then take the pressure off everything and you can start free wheeling the rest of the game! This is how you want to play golf, big time!

This video has the kind of information that is so simple, you are going to ask yourself: “How the heck did I miss that? It’s so obvious!” And the changes are so easy to implement and so instant because your machine is MADE TO PERFORM A PERFECT PUTTING STROKE WITHOUT EVEN TRYING.

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Sergio Martin says:

Hi Shawn, at 11:52 when talking about not aligning the logo anymore, but doing goldy locks from too far misaligned to properly aligned, you are doing such with your side vision, which we have established is not accurate. Can you elaborate further? Thank you

JAlan says:

Simple- I pick up my ball after my third putt attempt.

Josh Roach says:

Best golf instruction on the internet. You guys are absolutely killing it and making golf so much fun and easily understood. Hope to see you in Sydney Australia soon!

Christian Traynor says:

great way of conceptualising the task!

Cagey Cretins says:

This guy reminds me of the guy who used to paint "happy Trees" on TV! Nice video!

Izzy Alsafa says:

Holy Tamale Shawn.. That was the best putting tip. That’s something that I’ve struggled with for all these years. Even though I line up the ball and putt, I always felt uncomfortable. This I have to try out this weekend.

Andrew Farrell says:

This is the feeling I had on X one night 18 years ago-

Jake Bedard says:

What is the grip pressure like to create that momentum?

Don Woods says:

I have found the "start aiming left adjust right" has really helped my pitching game as well. Much more solid contact and predictable ball flight for some reason. Thought I'd pass this along for anyone struggling with that part of their game.

steve perry says:

shawn, so it sounds like you're saying don't interfere with the natural arc of your stroke. i'm gonna work on that and take to the green.

Luis bronco says:

hola la verdad re lindo video lo disfrute necesito el proximo material los dejo les mando besitos muchas gracias

Mark Schmidt [Legacy HS] says:

Shawn, I have been watching a number of your Youtube videos and the improvement in my ball striking is very noticeable. I still lack consistency, especially with the driver but that is getting better as I trust my swing more (I am not sure why I still lock on the ball more with the driver). Putting has been a struggle for years, I have played two rounds since watching this video and my putting has been tremendously improved. I had 3 birdies in a round for the first in forever, all my putts for birdie were over at least 5 feet – not gimme's. I ditched using the line, focused on prediction – starting with a setup I knew wouldn't work, repositioned until it felt good, and let it go. Bingo. If not for a cruel lip out due to "Quarantine Pin with foam" it is likely I would have shot 79. I had a handful of putts that were great feeling putts that just didn't go in. I would recommend that anyone that struggles with pulling/pushing short putts that use the line, STOP. Use your process and the results will follow. Thank you for all the videos, I am having more fun at golf than I have in some time. All the extra thoughts that had ruined many a good round are diminishing and my score is dropping.

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