My new and improved scratch golf swing

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how to hit a fade to shoot lower. Me working on my new and improved golf swing and it’s feeling good! Shot 72, 73 and 71 with this new swing after shooting i…


gavinpubantis says:

I’d say the swing is ok considering that was meant to be a massive fade.
And it’s not how you hit a full iron shot that determines how good you are.
It’s how many you take to get it in the hole.

Richyd2008 says:

dont be silly, of course he aint off scratch

deadwhoreatmyfeet says:

hm, theres no way you can shoot low 70s consistently with that swing

Michael Mitchum says:

what you all talking about, he could have a hanidcap between under 0 up to

dlrmsdud says:

thats not a scratch swing… you barely have any power at impact….

johncarew1000 says:

what the fuck would you know , sounds like you wanna cuddle up to his podgy
little body , swing is average at best, to many faults to be a consistant
ball striker

Stephen Nasby says:

Very nice swing. You have nice balance as well. Looks like you could hit a
low score to me. (I don’t see a slice, looks like a fade.) Although, in my
opinion, getting to the green isn’t the hard part, it’s chipping and
putting that separates the low handicapper from the scratch golfer. But,
who wants to watch chipping and putting demo’s from people? 🙂

tutioltotti says:

fuck thats an ugly swing

willnicklaus12 says:

ur follow through is all wrong and u have to much weight on ur left leg
which will provent you from having a strong nice balanced follow through

AlexH09 says:

its not that bad mate… just try keeping ur head more still and its very
good… dont listen to others, they cant judge ur score cuz of the swing,
just look at jim furyk

mrblober123 says:

if ur off scratch… im off +100

2005bsu says:

@AndrewLikesMusic My first thoughts too!

WinningLotteryTicket says:

You gotta improve a little more especially keeping your arms and body one
piece and make full releasing.

DeathbladeTM says:

Loads of pathetic comments. Nice strike. Good swing dnt change unless u
have to. Keep it up.

Edward Lawrence says:

no offence but i dont know how u can be a scratch player. if u are then i
expect your short game is incredible. that ball was cutting a bit i

Damien L says:

undeniably you’d need a whole range of shots in your arsenal to play good
golf. however a fade is played with a slightly opened face, not by hitting
across with divot left. look at the swing path, its rather outside in. but
whatever works =)

michaeltillcock says:

very nice looking swing, check out mine and give me some tips….

alblakeenater11 says:

i think you hit a house 50 yards to the right…

Dale Johnson says:

Nice swing man real good smooth. And Falcon fuck u It doesnt matter how
your swing looks it matters how you hit the ball!

kuneckid05 says:

excuse me ?? did i read correctly, his swing is lovely. It might not seem
to us that he produces a lot of power, but just look how the ball shoots
out, and continues to fly right past the light rays. He might play with a
cut all the time ?? who knows, seems like a decent player to me, oh ive
just read the description and it said that he plays for a fade, ohh what a
guess. Wish everyone Good Luck with their Golf. !!xx

alexfulton27 says:

fuck thats an ugly swing. nice try tho pal. i like to lie about my handicap

Damien L says:

looks like a fade. scratch? for real?

chhaytea says:

@AndrewLikesMusic he looks like a bigger version of KJ Choi too!:)

mathayaow101 says:

nice pure swing

patrick Gearin says:

scratch my ass


why do so many people lie about their handicaps on youtube?

mattyco1234 says:

fuck…furyks swing is not bad!!! It’s different but its a fuckin great
swing. He puts it right in the slot on the way down. this guys swing is
crap, he just cuts across it, theres no way hes a scratch. For the record,
a real scratch player only enters tournament scores, nobody cares if ur a
scratch playing the same course everyday with no pressure.

nvernor5 says:

keep ur wrist cocked longer it will give u more distance

Escapetehfate says:

@chemicalpro just because he hit a fade doesnt mean he’s not good, Martin
Kaymer hits a fade

xalatan33 says:

looks like chopping wood.

znov400 says:

i like it nice and compact

Andrew McAnallen says:

Your swing is a lot like KJ Choi’s golf swing!

srfin24 says:

to be a scratch player u need to discover the art of getting up and down
from any situation.

masterchiefgarza says:

good swing. pretty much on plane and I love the rhythm and balanced finish

Adam Bruce says:


mike a says:

ugly swing nice shot if thats ur shot everytme dont change a thing

themothmanreturns says:

@AndrewLikesMusic ha was just going t say the same, that finish.

davekennymac says:

Totally agree, very k.j choi, especially on the follow thru. That
definately is a good thing!

Matthew Harris says:

i love peoples jealously cause they’re not scratch themselves

lilceazy87 says:

what club was that

bruizer1100 says:

hope you have a good short game

LeTsG0party says:

This is what u call a online HARDASS!!!!!

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