My Golf Swing – Jan. 25, 2014

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This video shows my swing as of January 25, 2014. I’m working on a a float load and a lateral drop during this session.


wigglewoo3 says:

Hello again, now your cooking. Really stunning transition move. Also love
the lag buildup up top. The beginning of the lateral move before you
complete the backswing is vintage Hogan. I would just take it a bit
further. I think you’re a move away from the whole package. Would love to
see your upper body further behind the ball at impact. The lateral move
forward should be just with the lower body. Don’t be afraid to disconnect
the upper and lower body in the downswing. The lower lateral move can be
taken to its physical limit then the hip turn will happen naturally. With
the lateral shift at its limit the upper torso may feel as if it is hanging
back. With the hips far forward and the head stationary (or a bit further
back) the spine will have to tilt rearward into impact. Keep it up.

wigglewoo3 says:

Remember that even though Hogan spoke often about Hip Turn, in actuality he
had a HUGE lateral Hip Shift forward then (and only then) a turn. This is
truly the precursor to the modern swing.

ringwood1000 says:

Hahaha yes I am the same, it is the greatest game on earth!!!!

Diego Diaz says:

Mr G, do you actually manually set your right wrist I’m the backswing from
the takeaway ?

hannes hällgren says:

Hi Christo,
your swing looks great as always, but a was watching some old MSE videos
and came across Hogan’s Elbows, and I really like your high finnish there.
Quite like Hogan and such great balance too. Now your finninsh looks much
lower and sometimes a bit detached I think. Any toughts?

Ryan Scott says:


Just curious as to what your carry yardages are these days. Care to list
them by club for us all?

HoganFan69 says:

good vid, really enjoyed this one

Håkan Olander says:

Would love to be able to practice like that. There’s 4-5 inches of snow in
the south of Sweden today, so I’ll have to wait to test this. Looks great.
Good luck with the photo shoot :o)

Donnie Philbeck says:

Christo, been a fan for a while now, but as I take my own journey, I’ve
dabbled in different swing theories. I have noticed, especially in set up
and takeaway, that your swing has some similarity to Stack and Tilt (weight
forward, minimal lateral movement, deep takeaway). Did you ever look at
S&T before this? Do you see the comparison? Am I delusional as well? :)

Lauri Uusitalo says:

Good luck with your journey! I really enjoy your stories along the way.
btw looks like Kim Jong Un was practicing behind you. You should have cured
his very strong grip at least.

Jim Thomson says:

It appears that you’ve dropped your “caddie drag” move away from the ball.

Eric Desjardins says:

Getting there, but need to create more secondary axis tilt in transition.
Look at Hogan’s spin tilt away from the target at address vs impact. It’s a
shallowing move which is a great thing. Bacon strip divots and not pork
chops. Lateral move of the lower body starts it as long as you keep your
head back. The added tilt helps to drop the club into its slot and
contributes to that “float load” look. It’s not all arms dropping. Good

Charles Piette says:

Your float-load concept has gotten you to swing on a better tempo I find.
You have a slower transition to swing through the ball, and got your
backswing slightly longer. Great job dude!

Spencer Anzmann says:

awesome swing man really fun watching your vids and seeing the improvement
and dedication you have to create your own hogan swing 

Ryan Kwon says:

Hey man, love the vids. One question, There’s a lot of instruction and I’ve
noticed this from watching tour pros too that your head should always be
behind the ball( or left ear behind the ball to be more precise) at address
and at impact. How do you feel about this because I noticed that you don’t
setup that way?

ReelReports says:

Nice shoulder turn!

Scott Willi says:

As the boys on my golf team would say…”THAT’S DISGUSTING!!” And that is
their code for “Very very awesome.”

charly yoo says:

Helplessly delusional and silly you are not. Passionate and enthusiastic
about the best sport ever indeed. This is the exact reason why your videos
are so successful. Due to MSE, I started my own journey and am starting to
see big gains in my ball striking and consistency. You inspired me on my
own swing evolution….most importantly, I get excited about practice.

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