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Join me as I practice my short game! I’m taking you a little through how I practice as well as sharing my FAVORITE drills and games for improving. Short game is the best part of my game, and this is why!

The Dye Course at Barefoot Resort:

Monday After the Masters:

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Dan Filios says:

Well done Paige….! Enjoying your advice/instruction


Really nice curves and the shots thanks for the tips and everything else those are some really nice curves.

christopher Quinlivan says:

Exactly what I need I'm crap at chipping. Thanks .chris galway

Clark Rammell says:

Paige that was Brilliant I do practice my short game but you have now shown me how to do it with practice with purpose

Peter Webster says:

Great drill. I work on short game a lot and this up and down drill is something I do and I’m thinking I should do it more often. Awesome presentation!

Cotton Jiang says:

I love the dress though it distracts.

newyorker says:

Babe I can watch you all day

mixter7x7 says:

– yeah – that's on fire, but you're not getting near it – so there is some edification in realizing some of my practice methods are the same as a pro.

Jesse Delgado says:

Awesome video… Great drill Paige! Loved it..


Hi! Paige. Very nice video by the way. It would be nice if we could attend a golf game like the Charles Schwab Challenge. I would really love to talk to you in private about golf's lecture. Most importantly about the breathing part when we execute shots. I know that you have given out the information about this issue, but I just need to give my own opinions. Thanks a lot about all the good guidelines to all of us, especially me. Once again thank you very much.


Thanks a lot Paige for all your hard works and the most valuable teaching processes to all of golf addicts.

Steven West says:

Remember….Playing..practicing ONCE IN AWHILE ONLY….will rarely improve your game!!
If possible , get out several times per week….at least 2-3 times…How bad do you want to improve?? Its like my tennis game. Get out more, practice more, gets the fun done. And Paige is a very good coach. Take notes!

Brad Kiefer says:

Paige, how would you hit the ball on a hard surface, like packed dirt or hard dirt?

SL S says:

Great drills, and I agree – that up and down drill seems like a great idea. I'm going to take this lesson to heart, and to the practice green!

J Bone74 says:

This was such a good vid. Its true…I always set myself up for the best chance to hit a good practice shot when most of the time I am hitting it in round from a less than advantageous shot location. can you do one when you have to hit one under a tree branch or over a tree to the green 50 yards away? That'd be swell. Thanks!

Juan Burns says:

Antes no me gustaba el golf 🙂

natural beast says:

Great video!!! Thanks for the drills and knowledge. I just started golfing this year in July. I just broke 80 earlier this week for the 1st time. Really need to get more comfortable with my chipping and pitching to get closer to breaking par. Thank you for sharing your knowledge

ghetto Jake's workout says:

If I can hit the ball 400 yards will you go out with me

Eddy Deuschle says:

Thanks… you’re a great instructor! Great drills! I’m gonna start these drills.

Paige Spiranac says:

What do you guys want to see next? More course vlogs? Instruction on a specific topic? Personal Vlogs? Let me know below!

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