MurderMike presents: Pro Putting Impersonations

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I caught up with Drew Gibson, The Champ, Paul McBeth, Paul Ulibarri, Big Jerm, Patrick Brown, Tommy Eckmann and Avery Jenkins for some good times after the 2…


Henning Feuchte says:
Anthony Brand says:

Hahaaa! One question though, where the hell is Barsby?!

Billy Matthews says:

Amazingly funny. I know who Climo is but to see his personality makes him
all the more cool.

Bryson Williams says:

oh my god that last one climo did as HILARIOUS!

Trevor Murphy says:

climo was great when he did the barry schultz.

Mike Riemer says:


pooman320 says:

seen murder mike on the live coverage with his camera in hand.

takman17 says:

12:50 best part

puddynuts says:

No Markus Kallstrom!?!? One of the craziest putting stances ever!

TwoTechnics76 says:

Good times

D Tripp says:

great video.

jonathon call says:

mother of god i havent laughed that hard since i watch the iron leaf video
the first time

Rowdy Yates says:

Best disc golf video ever!!!!

Nick Kohn says:

LMAO this is so great

Chubbyfresh724 says:

this is awesome haha

Kahuna Cazares says:

Lmao it’s cool because these guys have put the time in the sport they can
talk trash 😀

scottgopre1 says:

Koling’s Matt Orum was great!

Dirty Mitten says:

lol this is awsome

Chris Davies says:

They must be growing a LOT of good weed out there in Arizona!

dude77313 says:

som funny shit right der..

Dakota Beals says:

For sure it takes at least 4 guys trying to impersonate and 10 guys
commentating as well as laughing

caseycosta1 says:


HeavenlySnipez says:

The best impersonation of Josh is definitely by Uli at 3:50.. just killed
me when he threw that ridiculous put, then cheekily smiles and says “come
on dog” xD

discgolf530 says:


camoo420 says:

Avery jenkins has bigger tits than my sister

peter007crouch says:

you forgot some great european ones. källström for example

terrestrialsoup says:

Surprised no one did feldbergs shoulder tap

ReverendVegas says:

Avery has some nice tits.

KrispyAsHell says:

hell yea

TheMRFREAK911 says:

that was so great lol

Nick Kohn says:

go great. watch the pros imitate each other putting lol

TJ Rodriguez says:

I love it when humor and disc golf collide… This shit was hilarious xD

mitch holley says:

Isn’t Josh Anthon in jail?

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