Moe Norman Golf Swing Presentation, Canada Golf Show

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Moe Norman Single Plane Golf Swing presentation at the Oshawa Golf Show in Toronto Ontario Canada. For more information,


TheBigNorsk says:

Very good video. Strange how those good, expensive coaches didn’t help you play your game better, they tried to make you play their game.

tahoefella says:


eketelon says:

I find this VERY interesting and will play on the driving range with this in mind. I’d like to see that consistency as well. My biggest question (this may be answered on another video) is how does this work with shaping shots (drawing and fading). Straight is great but sometimes you need to shape a shot.

Tourswing says:

On a two plane swing the hands lift a few inches at impact compared to address-that’s it-not the torso. The lift is caused by centripetal force caused by the rotation of the body-not through any manipulation.

SearchBucket2 says:

“There are no secrets” … well said. I’ll listen to somebody who makes a statement like that.
Anyone who plays and practices this game extensively knows the body normalizes to any particular “feeling” (secret) you want to implant in your swing … so going after that same “feeling” over and over again will eventually produce a fault.

SearchBucket2 says:

I think a lot of Moe Norman’s success was down to his clubhead address position, something his action allowed him to do. That positioning meant he was less likely to go into his backswing on the wrong path, so he was halfway there towards a consistent strike before he even started to swing. I guess it the nearest thing to a “secret” there is, but not a “secret” as it is clear for all to see 🙂

Caolan Teasdale says:

I would like to see some of the references for your stats. Can you post them?

Ron Judd says:

Does this mean you have to change the lie of your clubs?

Ron Judd says:

Is Stricker the only one?

RK831 says:

Here is the vital question you Moe fans need to answer: if Moe’s swing is the best ever, why is there not a single player on the PGA Tour who uses that swing?

Comicbookguise says:

It’s amazing to me how many seemingly intelligent people have bought into Moe’s nonsense…scary world it is.

Ayoub Oussar says:

Because most of them never had a Proper golf lesson !! they just born with what they have and play with it all the way…..

Paul EJ says:

The bases of the mechanics of this swing are sound. Very sound!
What needs to be understood is that the golfer still has to get away from the ball and then back to it as consistently on the single plane as possible.
Moe also changed his swing in a very fundamental way when he was 72. He narrowed his stance from the driver in on his power shots and wedge game. This enabled him to swing with his arms more while keeping a beautiful natural hand and wrist movements right through the swing

zimatosa says:

At about the 45 minute mark of the video, you are talking about ball position in relation to the length of the club you are using. You say that the ball never moves, only the lead foot moves further back as the club gets longer. Please explain why the Alignment and ball position trainer has a ball position for the driver listed as being 2″ from the leading foot’s heal and a ball position for iron’s listed as being 5″ from the center of the leading foot?

webbum says:

You can’t fix my swing!!!

Rob Tol says:

I will now I become 50 and heading for the PGA Seniortour 🙂

Elie Anquetil says:

All his swing is based on his grip’s style

bellini4 says:

Did anyone get sick of this guy pretty quick? show of hands? hands up if you turned the video off after seeing Moe Norman take a full swing.

Soraya Devine says:

Moe you were a genius  i salute your memory

Craig Hergenhan says:

I sucked at golf and was at the point of giving it away. Then I stumbled upon Moe Norman and Graves Golf Academy. Well, I have been very pleasantly surprised. It just plain works; less moving parts, less stress and a lot more drives and hits down the centre of the fairway. Still working on my short game, but off the tee if fantastic. I can use my driver again. Thanks Moe and Todd.

Alphonsus Jr. says:

See The Plane Truth book by Jim Hardy.

Alphonsus Jr. says:

Read: The Plane Truth by Jim Hardy. And see his website of the same name.

Craig Hergenhan says:

Okay, I will look at your recommendations…

Paul M says:

I didn’t get sick of him at all, I watched the whole video and I’ve been playing Moe’s way for more than a decade. I still watch videos of Moe playing, the man was a master at golf.

Andre van Staden says:

Great presentation!! As a golf pro I see some really crazy videos on the golf swing, but you know the game and how Moe swung 100%! Thanks!!

Alexander Toth says:

This has to be the best video I have seen bar none explaining Mr. Norman and the reason why my back is awful. Hit and play 6 days/wk. Thanks so much for sharing.

mike smith says:

with Mr. Norman’s straight arm set up did you have to change the lie angle of your clubs?

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