Moe Norman Golf Swing Analysis

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Dennis Carson says:

Notice also that Moe keeps both feet flat on the ground through the
backswing and shot, and does not lift his right heel and rotate his right
foot until well after contact. His hip rotation in either direction does
not cause him to raise either heel off the ground until his followthrough
pulls his right hell off the ground.

Jay Gem says:

his feet are closed. That is important. And as he swings through he drops
his head which allows the clubhead to stay in the hitting area and toward
the target longer resulting in an elongated swing plane.

pat m says:

moes favoritt Pawwwwt

3Dbelle says:

How far did he hit the ball ?

GaG407 says:

At 65, he could hit the ball 280 yards, no joke.

Ryan Salamone says:

he is without a doubt NOT hitting down. Not a chance.

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