Mike Malaska: DO NOT “ROTATE” your Lower Body in the golf swing! Be Better Golf

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Captain Spungo says:

When golf & lsd collide.

Steven Owens says:

Why tf is this dude glowing!?

jdw says:

What is up with becoming a cosmic being?

halim fusianto says:

Be better golf is new super action hero.

pat allen says:

The worst advise anyone could give a golfer

Equiano Devonte says:

Sounds like the Rotary Swing dude.

Lance Sedevie says:

I like mike teaching ideas but I disagree with the leg straightening action. I think it is the root cause of the back problems we see in the modern swing.

Kirk Dunn says:

Totally true Brendan, it's why golfers kill the ball when they felt like they didnt even try…….every golfer has had that sensation

Every time I try to kill ball I do exact opposite, lol

But I know feeling he talks about, just wish I could feel it day in day out, lol

barry nicholas says:

I wish the spaced out guy wasn’t actually in the video.

Zack Fishman says:

Great video on using straight line forces. Mike is a great communicator.

Omi Kurita says:

this is fantastic. I am happy to hear finally someone state the true technique so effortless. Thank you

Ronald Rollins says:

I like what Mike said early in the video about the strike of the right hand and the body naturally getting out of the way. It’s similar to what Shawn Clement professes…we naturally know what to do. I seem to get a lot of it right when I swing with my feet together. Feet apart and I slide or bump out my left hip.

Michael Libert says:

Those overalls are H O T!

Michael Libert says:

This rotation concept is something I've been working on and the results are not materializing. This lesson was a lightbulb moment. Thanks B.

Louis DeSantis says:

Mike's response is classic to "I just met with foremost expert in … " is classic … Yeah.

Benjamin Hogan says:

…it's The Golfing Machine…watch Tom Tomasello/Lee Deitrich 2nd video…15 minutes of instructional gold…I was about to quit the game, then stumbled upon that video…changed my golfing life….

steve perry says:

interesting discussion on the golf action, i'm gonna try this because i've always had trouble or maybe over thought the lower body movements. thnx.

Overhand Golf Channel says:

I wrote about this a while back, I can't remember where, but if you simply try to slide your right foot forward (toward the ball/target line) but without lifting it off the ground – the opposite will happen – because your foot is restricted by the friction of the ground the right side of the body will move back. Then as the club approaches the ball you attempt to slide your left foot forward, without lifting it and the left side clears, or moves back and out of the way. It's a much simpler idea and way of achieving the same result. Sheer forces not vertical force into the ground is what gives us power. This whole, "push off the ground," or "jump up through impact," is horrible advice for the average golfer. How can you "use the ground" if you're not even on it? Sheer force, not vertical is the key.

Also, I very much agree with Mike here that we think in linear terms. Whenever someone tries to swing in a circle the results are disastrous. No one thinks "circle" in baseball, we think "linear" or "straight" and we end up with a circular motion. This is why people who know absolutely nothing about golf can hit a ball quite well. Then as they learn stupid things like "swing arc" and "shaft plane" and "release" they develop a horrible slice that lasts for most, the rest of their life. They change their clubs but never change their mind.
"I could hit a ball so well when I first started and now I can't hit one straight to save my life." … All because the idea of what a golf swing is, in their brain, changed (for the worse.)

bud licht says:

Mike, this is the best thing I've heard you say, ever!

Tim Honda says:

What Tiger youtube video is Mike referencing at 6:05?

bud licht says:

And Brandon, your first swing @1.53 is the best swing you've ever made. Do yourself a favor and shit can all the other stuff in your head. You have found your missing link; seriously!
Will done Mike!!!

Lee Comeaux Golf says:

Well your pelvis rotates not our hips so you may wanna learn what parts of the body does what. Also the FORCES DONT MATCH IF THEY DO THERES NO FORCE LEARN FOCE VECTORS AND PHYSICS JESUS REALLY.

steve perry says:

it seems what you're saying is things might be more lnstinctive. it's like a guy with an axe chopping a tree, nobody ever had to analyze that and it's a similar action. bobby jones kind of said he thought it all originated in the hips.

Andrea Calabrò says:

Mike malaska is awesome

Paul Kim says:

He teaches totally the opposite of GG. Who’s right???? Brandon, who do you think is right?

STRoNG iSLaND says:

Now I’m confused, another golf instructor on YouTube said most golfers don’t rotate in their backswing. That they either slide onto their right side, or have an early extension on their downswing.

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