Mike Malaska, Becoming A Better Ballstriker in Golf, BBG LIVE

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First part of my conversation with Golf Digest Top 100 teacher Mike Malaska.

Here mike talks about his history playing golf and how traditional golf instruction failed him. Now he talks about his philosophy of directing momentum and using physics to have s repeatable move.

Find out more about mike at

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Over 3 hours of content, including Mike’s idea of how to swing POWERFUL and PAIN FREE


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Darko G says:

A month ago I found Mike after 20 years of pain caused by "great" teachers. After few visits to driving range I can now smash the ball and control it in the same time. Teacher of the Century – Mike Malaska. There is also good teacher Kirk Junge who is promoting swing called Setup for Impact ( like Dechambeu or MoeNorman) where you can learn some good things too.

Ste R says:

Colt Course, Close House
Heddon on the Wall, Newcastle Upon
Tyne NE15 0HT

just sunny says:

This is gold!! Mike is the best!!

Dan Johnson says:

MIKE…. big forearms from fight students daily…ROFL

MDC blitzkanitz says:

I love Mike. Such an understanding instructor and full of knowledge.

stonewallre7 says:

Wow Mike 75. I wish I could break 122.

stonewallre7 says:

Mike I agree about lesson I have had two instructors and my scores of 122 to 126 have not improved and I have played well over 16 years. It is very frustrating.

stonewallre7 says:

Great drills Mike. I will try the drill.

amfohr says:

At what point is the butt end of the golf club starting to point at you in the downswing, is that already in front of your right thigh?

E. G. Flores says:

One hell of a lesson Mike, wish i would have found you sooner. Great no nonsense lesson and right to the point, just what i needed, thank you so much.

Michael Knight says:

which instruction did you prefer or make more sense to you??? Mike or gg?

Patrick Miller says:

It took me almost 2 years but I finally get what he’s saying now. Genius.

Paul Malone says:

I noticed Mike don't have much foward lean any thoughts ?

Joseph Smith says:

Young guy is like yeah, uh huh, yup, yup, yup, uh huh, yeah, uh huh, yup, yup, yup, yup, uh huh, yeah, yeah, yeah. STFU.

Matt Aamold says:

Malaska really knows his stuff. Great Drill !

GolfLivesMatter 1 says:

By FAR the best instructions….physics can't be denied. So many folks fight physics vs. take advantage thereof.

Jamey Lewis says:

"Over the top from the inside" GAME CHANGER!

Lionel MO says:

Great job Thank you

southern country1993 says:

why do people say "yeah i was a natural athlete…" no you weren't. lol no offense but a "natural athlete are people like Bo Jackson, Ken Griffey Jr, Cam Newton. They are natural athletes.

The Arbor says:

Dont strike the ball, swing the club.

Stephen Deac says:

Ali the zombie, over the top to the inside idea?  Over the top makes me cry….I don't take lessons because I don't like to be that close to a smelly man.  I only would take lessons from a hot babe.

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