Michael Breed – Putting Setup and Grip for Success

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Michael Breed.


357shawn says:

This improved my game by a consistent 8 strokes.

roobatooba1980 says:

I recently had an injury to my right femur and i am stubbornly determined to play golf in the coming weeks . If i point my right foot where i want my body to end up BEFORE i swing , can i replicate some semblance of a swing ? Help this hopelessly golf addicted new yorker ( we only get a few months to enjoy golf and i intend to maximize my time). Help me DO THIISSS !! i am a righty by the way .

TheReebo11 says:

what do you mean the life line ?

David Burrows says:

@TheReebo11 he means the line on the palm of your hand that curves from somewhere between your thumb and fore finger to the top of your wrist/bottom of palm.

adralla06 says:

leave me alone

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