Mental Golf: Golf Swing Success Conditioning Video

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Close This mental golf training video is designed to condition your subconscious mind to take every golf shot with a confident and fear…


TheMentalcaddie says:

Thanks so much for your feedback and happy you enjoy watching the video! Keep us posted on your results on the course and how it has helped your game. I did a few sessions a couple of years ago with my grandfather. He was typically a 20 handicap in his league but after the first session he broke 80 and then did it 2 more times that year in league play! You and my grandfather are inspirations…I want to be golfing late into my years!

TheMentalcaddie says:

Thanks for watching…Please share with your friends!

gt5golf1124 says:

i have no golf friend…

drewster85 says:

I will scull from this pan lie
I will duff this pitch from a muddy lie
I will cut across this long iron
I will push this left-right downhill 2 foot putt
I will chunk this sand shot
I will squank this punch from a dirt lie
I will shoot another 96
I will ask for a coach
I will hate my life

trulymeparker says:

Mental thought processes do work, if you have a good start to the game on hole 1 then the rest follows naturally. Be the ball be the ball

TheMentalcaddie says:

Your so right on.

trulymeparker says:

@TheMentalcaddie i think its very important to do a preshot routine EVERY shot. Stand behind the ball, look closely at what your aiming at, check grip, take stance, look again at target line, check grip again and adjust stance for target then ‘let the magic happen’. That’s my method and helped me shoot 85 (including a pitch shot into the cup from 50 yds) which is my best score

CdnGulfa says:

What happens if I have a bad 1st hole – should I turn around?

trulymeparker says:

@CdnGulfa yep sometimes when you have a bad start it can put you in a bad frame of mind. I have had some really bad starts. Its easy to lose focus after a bad start. Try to do your best on the next hole and relax a bit. Don’t play golf angry play relaxed ‘Let the magic happen’ cheers

slewofdamascus says:

Imagination leads to creation, no doubt. Great video.

TheMentalcaddie says:

Thanks…You are right on too. The imagination leads to creation and execution on the course. In the video Tiger Zone, Dr. Brunza says that what makes Tiger so special is his ability to use his creative mind. Happy golfing

TheMentalcaddie says:

The easiest way to turn things around is to eliminate expectations and understand that there is a lot of golf to be played. The pros golf with patience and maintain confidence even after bad holes because they know there will be opportunities to make up the strokes

TheMentalcaddie says:

Your welcome…more videos coming soon.

clintonearlwalker says:

I think it was Chevy Chase that said “be the ball”.

golfnut108 says:

I have been watching this video and have to admit I have been golfing better in my league. I was skeptical but now amazed.

John Bradley says:

love it

CashFlowMachines says:

THis is excellent. I am a big believer in the power of positive self-talk and this brings it to life. Keep these coming. Great work.

EagleEyeGolfer says:

Nice vid. I’ll use it on my channel if you don’t mind. 😉

TheMentalcaddie says:

Go right ahead. Thanks for sharing!

stephen k says:

WOW! GREATNESS! In an instant, all of these swing thoughts/philosophies should fire through your mind as you strike the perfect golf shot.

stephen k says:

It’s amazing what positive thoughts can and WILL do for you.

stephen k says:

Thank you for sharing this with us. It’s POWERFUL!

TheMentalcaddie says:

Your welcome. Launching a putting video on here very soon. Pls subscribe to stay posted. Thanks for your feedback

hometownhypnotist says:

This has been helping my game big time

Vasco Machado says:

Perfect message and the photos aresublime !

kingofgrazia says:

I’m in that weird part of youtube again…

Jazmine Nordyke says:

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Gilbert Young says:

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