Matt Kuchar Swing Review: 2013 One Plane Golf Swing (Golfs #1 Lag Instructor)

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Click Below for the full 5 Minutes to the Perfect Backswing Video: You may have noticed that Matt …


FunnyJosy says:

To much bla bla bla, i know how it works and you need me to learn it. bs

Chuck Quinton says:

You should check out the 5 Minutes to the Perfect Backswing video I attached for you to watch for free. Just click the link in the description of the video. It will walk you through the entire process of how to get into the perfect spot at the top. I can promise you that you will have no questions about how to do these moves after watching the video. Good luck, I am looking forward to seeing you on the site. ~Clay Ballard

Stefán Baldursson says:

Very informative.

Matt Martin says:

Matt Kuchar has an awesome swing and swinging on one plane is much easier to repeat over and over again than swinging up and rerouting to me (Rory’s issue right now)…There’s much less arm and hand manipulation when you just turn back and turn through. I look for Kuch to win a major this year with this swing

Chuck Quinton says:

A one plane swing is absolutely repeatable. But you will give up some distance for very little gains in accuracy. It is very tough to generate speed this way unless you are tall or quite fast. If it is working out well for you, then that is great. You should check out some of the other videos on the site, we have a lot of information on this subject. ~Clay Ballard

Chuck Quinton says:

Thanks Stefan

Matt Martin says:

I don’t think you give up distance at all….I picked up more than a few yards since switching to a more right sided, one plane motion. Hogan was a one planer and the only two guys left at the match play last week were one planers…

Chuck Quinton says:

You can produce adequate swing speeds with a one plane swing. But it will be less than a more upright swing. You can make the same argument that Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods are much longer and much more upright than Kuchar and Mahan. I will take Nicklaus and woods over those two any day. But we shouldn’t be talking about individual players, where there are many factors to prove any point. You must look at what the body must do to generate speed.

Chuck Quinton says:

Cont…. If you have a flatter swing you will need to generate speed through rotation of the body, which is relatively slow when compared to the arms. If you have a more upright swing you can gain speed with increased leverage, and lag. This is why you will see all long drive players with high hands. They are taking advantage of leverage. They combine this with a lot of rotation from the body, which makes them very wild. Ideally you will have a blend, that is what we teach. ~Clay Ballard

Willy Carvalho says:

Matt’s swing is not flat… its actually steeper than what it was before??

Clayballardgolf says:

It could be. I don’t remember him swinging flatter, but you very well could be correct. He still currently has the flattest swing on the PGA Tour.

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