Malaska Golf // Your Hands are the Secret to a Better Golf Swing

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You have to train your hands first if you want to be able to hit the ball consistently and generate the speed you need to hit it long. If your hands are working correctly your body will follow. It’s important to understand that your hands are the most important factor in generating speed and controlling the path of the ball. This is how the game is played.

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one only says:

Hi my name is Justin Kang from South Korea. Im also a golf instructor and teaching golf in Seoul. What a awsome instructor you are!! I totaly agree with your teaching method and golf philosophy!!! So many golf instructors and videos etc tells us that 'you have to swing the club with your left hand n arm + use ur body rotation hip rotation etc. Do not use ur hands.' I totally disagree with that but not many people understand that.
I really wanna keep in touch with you and learn your golf philosophy. Please reply back. Thank you so much of ur work! Have a great day sir.

michael vedamrita says:

Wonderful and good content Mike. I like the way you explain let's say the "basic essentials ". So important and helpful. Thanks

chat som says:

Have played for more than 20 yrs with hands totally passive. I play well shooting 80-85, shoot straight but lack the distance. Been taught this way, use big muscles. Your lesson is a challenge and will give it a serious try, perhaps I could get 20 more yards with my driver I'll be glad.

barry nicholas says:

Mike you're are a breath of fresh air.

Brian Charlebois says:

You are helping me to get back to the game’s core principles. Thank you

brucenoneyabusness says:

The Moe Norman single plane swing crowd would beg to differ with you. I think there are two distinct paths to swings, yours (traditional ) and the single plane guys. Trying both will find a favorite type. I'm going to the range tomorrow to try your theory

Dave Andrew says:

7 iron went 130 yards, well it would at 3000 feet up

tryNtryAGAIN says:

Your a wise golfer .Subscribed

Steven says:

And yet Mike instructs an LPGA player in a lesson segment that coming through impact, “the hands do nothing”. Word for word. And the golf industry wonders why people are confused. C’mon, Mike. Which is it?

Pk says:

Mike, I’m not saying you’re wrong or you’re right but can you explain to me why George gankas teach his students to slow their arms down so that the body has the time to turn in the downswing. I’m a fan of urs as well as GG. Thanks in advance

Brian Wu says:

Thankyou for sharing this tips with us…

Qerim Shahini says:

Could not agree more, I hate this power focus that's taken over the game. Golf should be about shaping the ball around the course, not this driver-wedge game that's taken over. Watching all these guys hit the ball on their toes, smashing the heck out of every shot… Yuck.

John Browning says:

hands are the extension and the last part of the kinetic chain…they allow you to properly transfer the momentum through the kinetic chain, through the legs , through the back and shoulders… the swing is initiated through the ground, up through the arms, and out through the hands…the hands are the major factor in speed generation as they move the fastest relative to the body

Pat Giles says:

Thank you thank you thank you … I have been saying “it’s the hands stupid” for the past 20+ years but all the teaching seems focused on turn / turn body release dead hands … 76 now (4hcp) but when I started playing in the 60’s the teaching was about a “ good pair of hands” … many ways to hit a golf ball but maybe this BBG post will put hands back on the agenda… Aussie teaching Pro Peter Croker big on the hands.

JKP says:

I'm just amazed that Mike can hit a 7 iron 130 yards with just a flick of his wrists. My full swing 7 iron goes only 110 yards max. My driver 150 max. It's why I don't play golf any more. No distance.

JJ Massie says:

ball off the tee pls

samb55 says:

Tommy Armour would approve!

persona250 says:

This is gold . The hands are really sensitive , your body reacts to where your hands are .

GermanTurbo says:

After lots of years trying things out, this is indeed the secret of golf. Its all about feeling the clubface. Some have it right away, some need years of practice till it happens like me and some will never feel it.

WhoDunnit32 says:

The best drill for hands and arms was by the late great Jim Flick, what he did was tee the ball up with driver and now instead of a normal stance turn sideways so your back is completely facing the target so now your left shoe is parallel to the ball and the toe of your shoe is pointing behind the teebox and your left heel toward the target, all you can do in this position is use the hands and arms, you cannot engage the body really without falling around, a very clever drill.

Rajen Panikkar says:

Reminds me of fast bowlers in cricket…that flick of the wrist gives them that extra burst of speed

ButchJ says:

You break it down! Thank you!

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